Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Bee Family Wedding...

and this one had me buzzing!

We were just down in Del Mar, California (near San Diego) for Worker Bee's nephew's wedding.

What a beautiful setting! (And it was 108º at home and 68º there so we loved the weather too.)

The wedding was on a balcony looking right out at the beach and then that area was quickly converted into the wedding dinner venue.

The tables were just spectacular!  Aren't those rosy textured tablecloths beautiful?  

The bride's aunt did all the flowers.  Aren't they gorgeous?

And my favorite thing about the wedding?  It had a BEE theme!

Worker Bee told me his brother offered me his bee pin and I didn't hear him!  An opportunity missed!

I snuck home our place card for the reception.  Sneaky, hunh? 

Okay, truth be told, it was not my favorite thing but I sure did love it!

 Happy Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Bee Family!

What are you buzzing about?
We're buzzing about the extreme heat we're having!  114º on Monday!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When You Least Expect It....

You can find the cutest things.

Had to run to Walmart tonight to pick up some craft supplies for the last few days of school and look what I found....

Now you just know I'm going to have to find some way to use that duct tape in my classroom next year!
It would fit right in!

Thanks for buzzing by!