Thursday, January 30, 2014

Okay....Don't Laugh at Me!

I know some of you are going to think I'm absolutely silly, but I know I've got some kindred spirits out there that are going to completely understand.

I froofified my kitchen sink.  Yes I did.

Did it need to be done?  Did I go out and buy anything new?  Of course not.  I just grabbed some things out of cupboards and I have a pretty little "doing the dishes" spot.  (Not that I do the dishes very often - gotta' say thanks to Worker Bee and even Baby Bee.)  But shouldn't they have a sweet little spot to view while they do those dishes?  (I'm nothing if not thoughtful of the people who do my grunge work for me.)

And I'll tell you the truth, I just looked at that little spot and thought this sure could be prettier when I got home from work today.  No other reason than that.  Sudden inspiration! (or procrastination - I'll let you decide.)

Be sure to appreciate my vintage kitchen tile.  That stuff is older than me!  (Over 60 years old!)  It's such a weird pattern and yet, I kind of still like it.   Dream kitchen would be a black soapstone and then white subway tile, but that ain't happenin' any time soon!

Started with this lovely tray.....

Added this soap dish I've had for ages.  Anybody remember when Eddie Bauer had a home store?  It's been in hibernation but it's back out again.
See what it's going to be used for?  Bar soap just doesn't quite work by the sink - gotta' love the invention of liquid soap. One of my teacher buddies gave me the smiley face sponge.  It was on Shark Tank.  (Not that exact sponge my sillies!)
Yummy citrusy soaps and lotions on one end of the tray...

(Does citrus just smell super clean to you too?)
And a little vintage milk jug to hold  the veggie cleaning brush on the other end.

Now isn't that pretty?  Almost makes me want to do the dishes.  Almost.

Do you ever get that urge?  I think I'm all about dressing up the utilitarian!

Thanks for buzzing along with me.

Making a Sweet Bee family classic tonight for dinner....



Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Couldn't Resist...

....but now what am I going to do with it?
I've mentioned before how we have this WONDERFUL consignment store in town and I always find something there to treasure.  You can find upcycling, furniture, and vintage items.  I, of course, am completely drawn to the vintage items and that's usually what I can't resist.

I sell things there every once in a while and I just have the owner keep my profits there on my account so I can buy things when I'm sorely tempted!
And people?  I was sorely tempted!!!  

Wouldn't you be too?

So....voila.....I bought this....
It's chipped and split and not in good condition at all....

but it grabbed my buzzing little heart!

And then I spotted this great vase.
I cannot tell who the manufacturer is....
Could be HAGEN? HAGER?  Do you know what it might be?  I would love to know.  
(Worker Bee even tried to make a rubbing of it, but we still couldn't read it.  He might be the real sweet bee, not me!)
I even found the sweetest little vintage hankie that seemed to just marry both the vase and vintage child's dresser!  

Serendipity!  I love it!

And now I have a dilemma.  Where on earth am I going to put it?

What do you think?

Buzz, buzz, buzz,

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Christmas Table

Are you sick of Christmas?  

Or are you like me, and although I don't mind when Christmas is over, I still love to think about it and plan for it for next year?

Well, in the spirit of enjoying Christmas all year round, I'm bringing you the table setting we had for our Christmas this year.

For several years I've wanted to use a wreath as a charger for my vintage plates.  I even bought the wreaths several years ago but just never quite got it done.
I used my Royal Ironstone "Memory Lane" for the plates.  I picked up about 8-10 place settings on eBay several years ago.  I'm not too crazy about the cups and saucers though, so I used some mugs I picked up at Pottery Barn about 5 years ago.
And of course, I had to pull out my Susan Branch coffee pot, sugar, and creamer.  I bought this a few years ago at our local hardware/gift store.  
I kept seeing it before Christmas and I wanted it, but I just couldn't buy it at full price.  At this store everything is 50% off the day after Christmas so I scurried down there when they opened and scooped them up!  
I even had an email from someone who wanted to buy it from seeing it on my blog. I was tempted, but it's one of those pieces that as soon as I see it, it brings out that warm Christmas feeling.
For flatware I used mismatched pearl handle and a set I picked up at our local consignment store from National Silver.  (Truth be told, I only have 4 place settings of the pearl so I made do - I kind of like it.)
I also used my wedding crystal for juice - it's Gorham "Lady Anne."
Plus I had to pull out this pretty depression glass pitcher for juice.  Got this at an estate sale filled with beautiful things, but they were all a little pricey so I only picked up this for me.  (Sorry etsy shop!)
The napkins are ones I pull out every Christmas.  I got those at our beloved Gottschalks department store (that went bankrupt in 2009 - still miss that store every single Christmas).  
For the centerpiece, I used a variety of small Christmas trees and packages.  Also popped a tree topper into a milk glass vase.  (I'm pretty sure I stole this idea from Chris at Red Gate Farm.)

I also have to share my FAVORITE tree....
We have this popped up on a little side table behind our reading chair.  Love the color combination - white, red, green, and blue!!!

So Merry Christmas for 2014!!! 
(It's not too early, right?)