Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Wrap Up

I just love that Baby Bee loves to have a Halloween costume based on a book character.  Well this year she just had to be the book we LOVED this spring - Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games.  Luckily all we had to do to pull this one off was to get a pair of boots (planned to get some anyway) and learn how to make the Katniss braid.

Thank goodness for YouTube.  Gotta' love video tutorials! 
I think she made a fine Katniss Everdeen!

And last night our church had a trunk or treat.  Of course I had to volunteer to decorate my trunk.
Love this candy corn bunting.  The More Creative Bee and I made these a long, long time ago - maybe even before Baby Bee was born.  
I also pulled out one of our tablecloths we used for the county fair about ten years ago and just a bunch of Halloween pillows and stuffed buddies.

Hope your Halloween was fun and sweet!

Thanks for buzzin' in for a visit.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Big plans for Halloween this year!  

Just got off of a big sugar binge put together by my friends Singing Bee and the More Creative Bee.  This past Sunday was the bakeathon to end all bakeathons.  We frosted and we baked and we assembled and we decorated and much......FUN!  My favorite moment was when all the rice krispy Frankensteins made a run for it to escape the fridge and they were stuck to the door, stuck to the salad dressing, out on the floor.....such a mess!  But I don't know the last time I laughed so hard my sides hurt.  

Wanna' see what we made?  (Who am I kidding - I KNOW you want to see!  And I know you really want to reach out and grab a bit too!)

1.  The aforementioned rice krispy Frankensteins
turned out so stinkin' cute!  The Singing Bee did this one all by herself!  

2.  Trick or Treat cookies
just a basic sugar cookie but MCB cut up all kinds of candy bars and caramels to stuff inside them.  

3.  Reese's PB Cup brooms
way simple but oh so cute.

4.  Witch Hats
another easy one - Hershey Kisses, Keebler Striped Shortbreads and some orange icing.  A little squire, plop on the kiss and done.

5.  Nutter Butter ghost cookies
just dunk in white chocolate and use sprinkles for eyes.

6.  Dried apricots dunked in dark chocolate with crushed pumpkin seeds on them
our healthy option (and so yummy, I'm keeping some for myself).

7.  Hershey Kisses Pumpkin Spice Cookies
very interesting little candy and the cookie is just so scrumptious with it.

8.  Not sure what to call these - a peanut butter cookie base with a Reese's PB Cup in the middle with
a candy corn or little bloody bone candy on top.  (A bloody bone candy?  Really?  Who thinks of these things?)

9.  And Jello Popcorn in Halloween colors
orange, lime, and grape!  

And no Halloween would be complete without some fun costumes.

Baby Bee is going as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.  I'll have to get pictures tomorrow.

And what am I going to be?  Why an IDIOM of course!  (No....not THAT....and know like busy as a bee or let the cat out of the bag or my head is in the clouds today.)

Can you guess what idiom I am going to be?
(Hint:  It's raining ______ and ______.)

Happy Halloween to you!


One of these years I'm just going to have to be a Sweet Bee for Halloween, don't you think?

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Milk Glass Taco??? What???

That's right.  A milk glass taco.  At least that's what I call it. 

I saw one on Heather Bullard's blog a few years ago and I just had to find one for myself.  I believe their technical name is a banana stand.  (Ummm, yeah, did I fool you that I really knew what I was talking about?  I don't really know it's official name, but I've seen it called banana dish and banana stand so we'll go with that, 'kay?)

Now that divine Heather used it on a buffet to hold rolled up napkins.  LOVED that idea!  Even used it (once) for one of Baby Bee's birthday parties.

Now that poor Milk Glass Taco sat sad and neglected out in our sunroom, just gathering dust.

just the other day
I was sharing my concern (okay, I was ranting) with my family about how our mail gets spread out all over the kitchen table.
(Don't you just LOVE when that happens?)
Milk Glass Taco meet Milk Glass Napkin Holder meet Milk Glass Today's Mail Holder!
Perfect Cottage Charm!  
And you know me.  I had to decorate it a bit and I ADORE labels.
I have to admit – it makes me smile every time I come home and see the mail all cutely bundled up in it. (Yeah, you've caught me again - I'm not smiling at the bills - but before I know they're bills I'm smiling!)  

And now you might be asking yourself, why does she have a picture of that?
Well, I've been promising you a giveaway and here's reveal #1!  
Intrigued?  Hope so!

Thanks for buzzing by!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Baby Bee Follows in Her Mama's Footsteps

Or should I say her mama's flight path?
It's okay.  Stop groaning.
If I stretched that one tooooo far, I'll try to refrain from here on out.
(you didn't see I had my fingers crossed, did you?)

So, you might already know the More Creative Bee and I really love to enter the table setting contests at our Big County Fair.  And you might even recall that last year my niece, Reader Bee, entered the table contest in the Jr. Division.  Well this year?  Why my little Baby Bee entered her own table setting in the Jr. Division!

Buzz!  Buzz!  Buzz!  Buzzzzzzzzzzzz!
(that would be the sound of proud buzzing for those of you who don't speak Bee)

She decided she wanted to decorate for a birthday party!  She made those sweet little hats including the fringe!  I just showed her how and she made the rest.  She picked out the scrapbook paper and the fringe color and everything.  I think they are adorable!
The table comes with the white tablecloth so she added the gingham square and the napkin is a piece of fabric from my stash.  She loves turquoise, lime green, and red.  Hmmmm.....wonder where that comes from?
The green plate is from a set I use for Easter and the glass is an acrylic one we use at on our patio.  The red flatware is our everyday flatware.  
Baby Bee hand drew the menu too.  Looks like we're having homemade Mac'N'Cheese, Caesar salad, and funfetti cupcakes.  (You can go here to check out the Mac'N'Cheese that Baby Bee loves for me to make.)
So would you come to Baby Bee's Birthday Party?
Oh.....and just a casual aside here.....
guess who won BEST OF SHOW for the table settings this year? would be ME!  
(And the MCB!  Couldn't do it without her!)

And thank you so much for buzzin' in!  Your visits are such a bright spot in my day.

I'll share soon why I have just not been able to post and visit much lately!  I promise!  It's for a good reason!  Really!

P.S.  I have still MORE table settings to share with you along with the Christmas trees!  C'mon back and see!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ready for Some More Tables from the Big County Fair?

I've shared my baby shower table and the More Creative Bee's fair theme table, but I know you want to see some of the other entries, so here goes...

First up is a dinner for two on the Titanic.
 Lovely details on this table and on the gentleman's side a faux cigar glowing adds to it's elegant charm.

It includes a few Titanic documents and photographs (reproduction, I'm sure).

 The second table I'm sharing with you today is a Tuscan Sun Dinner Table.

 Love the colors and her linens were just beautiful.
 I really like her chargers too.  I got to chat with her briefly.  I think this might be her first time entering the fair competition.
 Her place cards were charming - the wine cork is a nice touch.

 Aren't the lemons a sweet touch?  I really like them!

 Another table had a floral fantasy look.  I'm afraid I can't remember their exact theme.

It had some pretty colors. 
The fourth table for today was an interpretation of the fair theme, A Passport to Fun.  (Yep, they were our competition.) 
It's funny because the MCB and I talked about doing a place setting from four different places around the world and this is exactly what he did.  (We got to meet his mother, but not the clever man that put this table together.)
There were place settings from China, 
from Spain, 
from France,  
and from Italy. 
 Don't you just love the centerpiece?  Cute little suitcases filled with little items from around the world.

And, it just wouldn't be the Big County Fair if there wasn't a Halloween table!
Why, yes, a Ghostly Glamorous Gala!

All the colors were black, silver, and white. 
They added a nice touch with the sparkles they glued to the rim of the plates.   

 The skeletons were a nice touch on the corners of the table.
And the centerpiece was a lovely murder of crows. 
 (Yes, I had to look up what a group of crows is called and how could I resist after I found out that little fact?)

I have a few more tables to share with you and I haven't even talked about the Christmas trees yet!  So much to share!  Plus Baby Bee and Reader Bee entered the junior table setting contest too.  I can't wait to share those with you!

Thank you for buzzing along with me and I'm working on a fun 3rd blogthday giveaway!  I think you're going to love it!