Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Fair Table - A Baby Shower!

One of my sweet Teacher Bee friends is having her first baby in December and I'm having a shower for her at Sweet Bee thinker that I am.......I thought why not make one of our Big County Fair tables have a baby shower theme this year.  

Wanna' see?
Oh, and please don't adjust your monitors - everything does have a slightly greenish tint to it. The Home Arts building at the fair had green curtains covering the windows and I just don't know how to adjust the colors to make it look right.  
This is the bedding for my friend's nursery and I used it as inspiration.
I decided to use lime green as an accent.  
 The More Creative Bee sewed ribbons onto a white tablecloth we picked up at Anna's Linens.  
 The Sewing Bee was kind enough to sew these gorgeous lime green napkins for us.  The flatware is an old pattern from National Silver called Adam.  It's silverplate and it was a steal at our local consignment store.  Do you see the blue chargers?  MCB picked those up ages ago at Crate & Barrel.  (Shhh....don't tell her, but I'm hoping that they accidentally hop in my basket when we pack up in a couple of weeks. Do you think she'll mind?)
 I knew I wanted to draw in more of the blue and green combination and I found some lovely digital scrapbook paper in a little etsy shop called Shery K Designs.  The colors and patterns were perfect!
The placecards are some silver frames that I bought about 10 years ago at Michaels.  It was like going on an archaeological dig of old table settings as I unearthed old name plates, menus, and other things in the silver frames I used.  

Why this gorgeous glassware?  Wanna' know more about that?  Well, all I can tell you is that they belong to the MCB's mom.  We know they're at least 40 years old, but they might be older.  Have you ever seen any glasses like these?  Do you know the pattern?
The dish information was also on some more of the digital scrapbook paper.  
And now – my favorite part – the centerpiece.
I knew I wanted to make baby blocks but my painting skills are less than adequate.  (Okay, maybe they're adequate, but they're not great.)  So I found paper mache cubes at Hobby Lobby.  I removed the lids and turned them upside down.  I painted them white and then used that lovely scrapbook paper (oh yes, I went through an entire color ink cartridge printing these sheets out) and printed out squares.  Then I used my cricut to cut out letters and shapes to put on the blocks.  I love how it turned out!  (And I have to be honest, when my original idea on how to make these didn't work I came up with this about 9 AM Saturday morning, the day we had to set up for the fair.  Do you work better under pressure? I think I do sometimes.)

 We are going to the Big County Fair on Saturday!  I can't wait to see how we did!  
Still wanting more table settings?  Well, I'll be sharing all the other tables soon.  Hope you can come back and see them.  Do you have a table setting division at your county fair?  You should check it out!  I know a lot of you would LOVE it!  


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  1. You have SO much fun, don't you?! Just love to see what you're up to!

    Wishing you a lovely autumn day, my friend!


  2. Love that soft green...a great baby shower color you don't think of often

  3. What an adorable baby table! All the Bees are so creative. Great ideas.

  4. Those blocks turned out so cute! And I've always worked better under pressure-it's a survival skill all teachers learn sooner or later! Love the silverware, especially the soup spoons. Can you tell I'm on the hunt for some soup spoons? Hope you win!

  5. Another great tablescape!! I love the black and white bedding!! I'm sure your friend will love having her baby shower at Sweet Bee Cottage!!


  6. Such a pretty and sweet table!! Love it! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  7. What a fun baby shower table! I love how well the glasses match! Great job! :)

  8. Very pretty. I love the colors used now for baby showers instead the old pink and blue.


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