Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Passport to Fun!

The More Creative Bee and I have entered our Big County Fair in the Home Arts Table Setting division for several years now and this year I think we outdid ourselves.

We always try to have one of our tables reflect the fair theme and this year the theme was "A Passport to Fun."  After our annual meeting of the minds at Panera Bread, we decided to take it in a travel vein.  We called it "Around the World in Four Courses."
(I must apologize for the greenish cast to all these pictures.  The building has green curtains hanging in front of the windows so it was bright, but definitely greenish.) 
The MCB's parents are thrift shop experts!  They found the wonderful chargers, plates, and bowls all at a thrift shop.  The chargers were from Macys and the dishes were unmarked - but they do look familiar to me.  Do you know the pattern?

The More Creative Bee made the cute little passport books.  They are glued on to a little brown book we found at Joann's. 
Each place setting has an "airline boarding pass" I made on the computer.  I google searched  boarding passes and found this free image to use.  The only problem was it could only me modified by using photoshop.  Do I know how to use photoshop?  Did I have time to learn photoshop?  NOOOO!  So I used the wonderful Pages app from apple and put little tan boxes over words already there and typed in what we wanted it to say.  Each boarding pass also has a different course and destination.
We put different spices into clear glass bowls for add some world flavors. 
I found a nice (and cheap) frame at Walmart and I again used Pages to add images and a green text box around the menu.
Worker Bee and the Singing Bee's husband (we call him Right Wing Bee) all donated vintage globes for our centerpiece.
The pearl handled flatware is a set I picked up at Home Goods several years ago for about $20. 
Our linens were from JC Penney.  The tablecloth was a blueish color and the napkins were brown.
Now I'm going to be showing you all of the other table settings in another post, but in my opinion, this one is BEST OF SHOW!  We are going to the Big County Fair on Saturday so I'll know the results then.  

Thanks for buzzing along with me!  Now you know where part of my energy has been focused for the past few weeks.  Please come back because there's LOTS more to show you!  

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  1. So much fun! Beautiful job you did--and sounds like you had so much fun doing it! Love all your ideas....

    Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend!


  2. Wouldn't that be a fun table for someone going on a trip overseas or moving there. very cute. I love globes right now.

  3. Great tablescape! So very creative, as are your comments and all your "Bee" family names. Hope you win!

  4. Love it!!! The colors are terrific, the globes, and your passports too!! I am ready to grab my boarding pass....please fasten your seatbelts, tray tables up and locked, and your seat in an upright position!!! Oh, I have the travel bug!! Good luck at the Big County Fair!!


  5. Very cute and what wonderful memories you are creating together!

  6. This looks like a lot of fun and I hope your entry wins at the fair!

  7. This is such a fun idea--love around the world in four courses! Very pretty table--loved the globes as centerpieces and the passports and boarding passes--it all really helped set the travel mood.


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