Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who Put the Slumber in Slumber Party?

Well I can tell you this much.  It sure wasn't a bunch of 9 and 10 year old girls!

I think Slumber Party is an oxymoron.

Trust me - there is NO slumbering going on here tonight.  Well the cats, Sam and Brody might be asleep, but that is even in doubt.

This was the first year since Baby Bee turned 4 that I haven't thrown a big theme party.

Saw this Milk Glass Taco used for rolled napkins over at Heather Bullard.  Went right out and found my own Milk Glass Taco and used it for this first time tonight.  
This year I said SIMPLE.  This year I said QUIET celebration.  This year I said I WILL NOT EXHAUST MYSELF HAVING A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR BABY BEE.

Apparently I don't listen to myself very well - or I've never been on the parent end of a slumber party.

As I write this it's 12:11 AM and there is no silence from our sunroom.  They just now came in and said, "The bricks on the patio are white and so is the grass.  It must be snowing!"  Well there is a very slight and very rare chance of snow tonight, but it ain't here yet.  I guess I shouldn't complain about active imaginations.

I should be making the muffins for in the morning, but I'm too exhausted - and yet I'm here blogging.  I think that's because I can sit while I blog and not so much when I'm baking muffins.

Here - enjoy some cake while I get those muffins started.
Okay, the fresh blueberry muffins are baking right now.  Tomorrow morning (which will be here ALL TOO SOON) I will make Baby Bee's favorite muffins - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip - for the girls to enjoy.

Do you see those cupcakes?  I really wish this was a scratch'n'sniff blog because those cupcakes smelled divine.  They are from the Cake Doctor cookbook - Buttermilk Devil's Food Cake and Peanut Butter Frosting.  Now I know what makes the inside of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups so stinkin' good - powdered sugar and butter!  Ummmm......there are none left and I only got one.  I sat in the kitchen for a bit visiting with a friend and they were g......o.....n......e.....

Here are the girls lookin' all sassy for their picture.  

(So far the sassy is just for show - but rest assured - I know those full on sassy days are coming.)

It's getting quieter out there.  Fewer and fewer voices........

Almost time for me to go to bed.  The muffins are nearly done and SO AM I!

Thank you so much for buzzin' by today!  I know Baby Bee will be delighted to know you visited.  Hurry back and I'll make some more of those divine cupcakes just for us to share.


  1. Enjoy... enjoy....enjoy... It too quickly passes by. Hugs from a survivor of many Slumberless parties.

  2. I miss slumber parties...time goes by too quickly! Hope you have a "restful" Saturday!

  3. I'll bet those muffins (and a good strong cuppa java) revive you just fine in the morning! Have fun:@)

  4. Oh I know your pain. I have three teens in the house and many slumber parties under my belt. It always takes me a few days to recuperate. Now I just put one of the older girls in charge if my 13 yr old has friends over. Then I head to bed. Cute decor and YUM on those cupcakes.

  5. I remember those parties well. Enjoy it while it lasts though and thanks for the muffin!

  6. Too fun AND TOO FUNNY! We had a slumber party, here, last night, too. Except, it wasn't girls...yikes!

    My husband is the boy scout leader and, my son, at one of the meetings, told the other guys about "guys' night". Every Friday, my husband makes dinner and he and my three sons watch a movie. Well, two of the scouts just thought that was the greatest things. (I think that they kind of "invited" themselves over.) Well, there's no school, this week, and they came and watched "The Hunt for the Red October" and spent the night. Three big, quirky, eat everything in sight, jr. high young men (and two littler boys.)

    I feel the need for another tea party!!!

    I had so much fun reading about your night's adventure!!!=]

    Love, Katy

  7. Hi there! This is my first visit to you...via Betty of Sew Pretty!

    She posted about meeting up with the little garland you made for her!

    OMG..I got a big chuckle out of the slumber party description. We did that twice when our daughter was growing up....craziness!!! Just wish I'd had a blog at that time to take the edge off!

    Your little table arrangement looks the milk glass...and those cupcakes had to have been a hit!!

    Hope you have recovered from the merriment....and hope you have a good weekend!!


  8. Hope I can sleep a little more or at least not be grouchy! Anyway the slumber party was entertaining!!!!!!!!!;)

  9. I remember at my 13th birthday slumber party we stayed up until 730. No one wanted to fall asleep because the first one to do so had to endure silly antics...

  10. Happy Birthday Baby Bee! I remember slumber parties of my own and I loved them all. I loved having them and going to them. You are so right-no sleeping at a slumber party. I feel for you--you will be quite sleepy today :)

  11. I remember slumber parties...sort of miss them actually. So glad everyone had catch up on some sleep!

  12. I got your note (thank you for that) and you betchya I'll be in touch soon with the details. I'm thrilled that you'll be joining me on this new journey!

    I remember slumber parties and 10 year old magpies chirping all night long. (sigh)

    As exhausting as it can be, I can tell you that almost 17 years later, I do miss those years... But now I have a beautiful young woman who is more than just my daughter. She's my best friend too.

    Blessed birthday wishes for Baby Bee! (and some blessed peace and quiet for mom, come Monday) I'll be in touch soon!

    XOXO Martha

  13. Oh my gosh! Do I remember those days?! Have you recovered yet? LOL Wish Baby Bee a Happy Birthday from me!

  14. Sweet Bee, You rocked it!! What a fun thing to do even though it was tremendous work for ya. lol

  15. Sounds like the girls had a blast! And it sounds like you need a big pot of coffee! LOL

  16. Oh what fun - the boys never had slumber parties, just one or two friends at at time.

    I can remember the fun from when I was young - yep, you must be exhausted.

    Happy B-day to Baby Bee!


  17. I think this is one of the funniest posts you've written -- and I now know why my mother dreaded slumber parties! I loved them though - they made for lots of fond memories - hope Baby Bee had a great time. You're a sweet mom, Janelle. :-)

  18. How fun! Cannot wait for my daughter to hostess her first slumber party -- I just have to build my stamina first!!


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