Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guess What I Did Tonight?

You will not believe what I did tonight!

Well, maybe if you answer in the form of a question you might be able to guess......

C' know you want to whistle it.............

Yep!  I took the adult online test for Jeopardy!
Are you impressed I got this screen shot only 48 seconds before the test started?  ;)

How did it go you ask?


Let's just say I didn't break any records tonight and leave it at that.  

My dear Worker Bee has taken the online test twice, passed it, and then been invited to audition in person down in Los Angeles - twice.  He has been accepted into the contestant pool twice (and, in fact, still is in the contestant pool for another 8 months or so).  It was nice having his experience as I signed up and then took the test.  From his experience I know it will be a few weeks before I hear anything from them, but I'm not packing my bags, that's for sure.

There were 50 questions and maybe I got 25 right.  They even asked the name of one of my favorite musicals ever and it came to me with 2 seconds left and I didn't have time to type it in.

So how was the experience?

I would do it again and I would definitely load up on the caffeine and trivia books for next January when they open auditions again.  (Dear sweet Worker Bee didn't finish my white mocha in time for me to drink it before the test started - hum.....maybe I can blame him for my lack of success.)

Have you ever tried out for a game show?

I'd love to hear your story!

Thanks for buzzin' by!  
I'm now going to enjoy my white mocha and go read Ken Jennings books.  

Oh wish Baby Bee luck!  She is in her school's Spelling Bee tomorrow representing 4th grade!


  1. How fun! So glad you gave it a try! I've never done it before....I'll have to look into it!

    Hope your night is wonderful!


  2. Sounds like fun! I admire anyone who would want to go on Jeopardy! I would mess up and not answer with a question :) that is if I even knew the answer LOL!
    It just proves to us all that you and Worker Bee are very intelligent but we knew that anyway!

  3. well that sounds like fun. Nope I have never tried out for a game show. don't think I could take the pressure.

  4. How exciting! Good for you for trying and best of luck:@)

  5. That is so awesome!!! I wish you and the worker bee lots of luck! :) I've never ben on a game show, but a teacher at my school was on the Price is Right and won a car! This was ages ago! :) Alyssa

  6. Oh p.s.....that Mocha looks sooooo yummy right now!!!

  7. It is definitely his fault--a girl's gotta have her mocha :) I love your mug by the way.
    I forgot the auditions were cominig up and missed them in my area. I only realized it when a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was annoyed because she forgot about it too.

  8. Janelle! The mystery is solved! Yes I did get your Valentine, but I did not know it was from you. There wasn't a blog name. Just now looking through them again I notice the little bee on the back. How obvious! Sweet as can be, I just love your work and can't wait to share it along with all the wonderful ones I have received on the 14th. This was such a fascinating post today. It made me nervous just reading. I absolutely love to play the game as I am one of those people who know lots of random facts. Why? I have no idea! Such Fun! Elizabeth

  9. I quite often win Jeopardy when I play each evening in front of the TV. Mind you, I ALWAYS buzz in first!!!

  10. YOU HAVE COURAGE. Good for you!

    Love and happy weekend,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  11. You think you got 25 out of 50? I don't know if I would get 5 out of 50!!! Didn't even know you could take such a test. Both DH and I love to watch Jeopardy and I love it when I get an answer right! I am quite often amazed at how smart some folks are! Where do they learn all that stuff? Sure hope your DH gets chosen. Wouldn't that be a great experience?

  12. Love your polka dotted mug. I believe Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter are going to be on Jeopardy 2/14, 2/15, 2/16 playing against an IBM computer named Watson. Should be very interesting. Setting my DVR to record in case I forget about it.

  13. Hi, Sweet Bee,
    Good luck to Baby Bee on the spelling test.
    I sent in an audition tape for Deal or No Deal, but never heard back.
    I am amazed at the stuff those people know on Jeopardy. Ya'll must be pretty smart bees. :)

  14. That is so cool. I have always wanted my husband to try out for Jeopardy and other game shows but he never has. Hope you and hubby get on!!

  15. OH! Good luck! I have never tried. I love trivia and history though. I think you have to be pretty smart to do as well as your Hubs did! :)

    I'm doing a craft challenge... come by and see... I hope you will want to participate. :)


  16. Hi Sweet Bee,
    How exciting, good for you! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment; I just now found it. Take care and God bless,


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