Monday, January 6, 2014

A Christmas Table

Are you sick of Christmas?  

Or are you like me, and although I don't mind when Christmas is over, I still love to think about it and plan for it for next year?

Well, in the spirit of enjoying Christmas all year round, I'm bringing you the table setting we had for our Christmas this year.

For several years I've wanted to use a wreath as a charger for my vintage plates.  I even bought the wreaths several years ago but just never quite got it done.
I used my Royal Ironstone "Memory Lane" for the plates.  I picked up about 8-10 place settings on eBay several years ago.  I'm not too crazy about the cups and saucers though, so I used some mugs I picked up at Pottery Barn about 5 years ago.
And of course, I had to pull out my Susan Branch coffee pot, sugar, and creamer.  I bought this a few years ago at our local hardware/gift store.  
I kept seeing it before Christmas and I wanted it, but I just couldn't buy it at full price.  At this store everything is 50% off the day after Christmas so I scurried down there when they opened and scooped them up!  
I even had an email from someone who wanted to buy it from seeing it on my blog. I was tempted, but it's one of those pieces that as soon as I see it, it brings out that warm Christmas feeling.
For flatware I used mismatched pearl handle and a set I picked up at our local consignment store from National Silver.  (Truth be told, I only have 4 place settings of the pearl so I made do - I kind of like it.)
I also used my wedding crystal for juice - it's Gorham "Lady Anne."
Plus I had to pull out this pretty depression glass pitcher for juice.  Got this at an estate sale filled with beautiful things, but they were all a little pricey so I only picked up this for me.  (Sorry etsy shop!)
The napkins are ones I pull out every Christmas.  I got those at our beloved Gottschalks department store (that went bankrupt in 2009 - still miss that store every single Christmas).  
For the centerpiece, I used a variety of small Christmas trees and packages.  Also popped a tree topper into a milk glass vase.  (I'm pretty sure I stole this idea from Chris at Red Gate Farm.)

I also have to share my FAVORITE tree....
We have this popped up on a little side table behind our reading chair.  Love the color combination - white, red, green, and blue!!!

So Merry Christmas for 2014!!! 
(It's not too early, right?)


  1. Your table looks beautiful! I love the coffee set, that would make me smile too-enjoy:@)

  2. Ok, let me tell you everything I love here. The Susan Branch coffee pot, I have the sugar and creamer. I have never seen the, the tree topper, love, the bottle brush tree, love, the dishes, the green pitcher, the wreaths as chargers, love, love, love. I think you should leave the table setting up all year. :). Adorable. Blessings to you,

  3. I love the idea of the wreath as a charger! I will "borrow" this idea next year!! Your table is lovely! I have a few pictures l wanted to share from Christmas, my kids just sent them to me and I thought, it's a little late.....I think you're right it's never too late to share Christmas! Happy New Year to you!

  4. I was beautiful! glad that you shared it.

  5. You put up as much Christmas as you want--I'm still feeling it :)

  6. What a fun holiday table! (Although my husband would never have gone for the wreath charger... I can see his expression now...) And all of your holiday dishes really make it festive and special too!
    PS glad you liked the topper/vase idea ;)

  7. Sick of Christmas? NEVER! Your table looks gorgeous, and so does your white tree. Love the wreath charger, and if I don't jot that idea down right now, I'll forget to steal it next Christmas!

  8. Love your table and it is never too late to share Christmas. Now we have time!

  9. Love these photos anytime....J, if you ever see that tea pot and creamer and sugar again PLEASE buy for me and I will pay you! I just adore it! It is right up my alley...I looked all over online and couldn't find one! :(

  10. Lovely Table setting. I have that Memory Lane china set. As a matter of fact I used it as my Tea Cup Tuesday blog this week. I think it fits nicely in January and all the cold too. It brings warmth to your table even when it is miserably cold outside. I love that you used the Red Polka dot too. Talk about CHEERFUL!

    Beth at Conversations from My House. ( )

  11. I never tire of Christmas! Your table looked your plates and the fact that you matched it with the modern polka dots is so my taste. The SB coffee pot and sugar and creamer are swoon-worthy. You are the table stager extrordinaire!
    Hope 2014 has gotten off to a good start!

  12. I love it! you put everything together so nicely! I like planning for next year too. I still pinn Christmas ideas so I know what's hot for next year!


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