Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do these all have in common?

There they sit.  My sources of angst and procrastination.  I know I just have to get started.  It's the getting started that I just can't quite manage yet.  But I better get started.  The county fair set up is Saturday.

So what does a flow blue plate, a grocery bag, a gingerbread Christmas tree, and some fabric all have in common?  (Hint:  they will all be used at the same place)

Yes, you've guessed it!  They will all be used in some way for the exhibits I have entered in the county fair.

Check back to see how they turn out......

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

What did we do today?

Today Baby Bee and I finished a collage for a school art contest.  The theme was a favorite summer memory.

That was easy this year.  We took a family trip to Kentucky to visit the Worker Bee's family this summer.  We have always flown for these reunions, but this year we thought the Baby Bee was old enough to appreciate a trip driving across the country.  And drive we did!  We somehow managed to visit 13 states in 15 days.  Easy on the East Coast, not so easy starting in California.  Even though it was exhausting, it was one of the most memorable trips I've ever taken.  The trip gave me a new appreciation of how vast our country is and how beautiful.  Everywhere we went we met wonderful people.  Someday I'll write more about our experiences.

So here is the collage created by Baby Bee and with glue applied by me.  We took a poster board, cut out maps of all the states we visited and glued them on. Then we glued on the pictures cut out by Baby Bee.  She really enjoyed the process and I liked seeing her creativity come out.  I'm looking forward to seeing what project the school has in store for us next...........

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today I actually start my blog.  I keep telling friends, it's up and decorated, but there's nothing to read there.  What has taken me so long?   Honestly, it's worry that I won't have time to keep this up and offer enough content, but ...... I still feel the urge to write and share creations.  I am happiest creating something.  Creating a wonderful dinner, a lovely table setting, a good lesson, a clever craft - you name it and I've probably tried it or thought about it.  Yes, I get to buzzin' when I am creating something.  That's where the name comes from you know, the Sweet Bee part.  When we were first married, my Worker Bee would say, "Uh oh! You're buzzing around here like a bee.  What project are you going to make me work on now?"

So what should I start with?  I'll share my birthday celebration.  (pardon the pictures, I do not have a fancy camera and it was dusk)  We celebrated on a Friday evening, a work day, and as I was driving home I started thinking about how I could make it look festive.  So, I grabbed a quilt off a shelf in the living room, found dishes, glassware, napkins, and flatware.   Then I called my mom to pick up some plain altar candles at the grocery store.  Next, I put another quilt on a serving table, wrote the menu on an old cupboard door I painted with chalkboard paint, and pulled out a few other items I already had.  The only new items were the candles and they only cost about $4.00 for 3 of them.  It was just a small party, but it felt festive, the food was delicious, and we all had a lovely time.

I hope you enjoy my first post.  I'll be sharing more as I get ready for the county fair.  My More Creative Friend and I have created a table setting or two and created Christmas tree decorations for the fair home ec building and we have to be ready by next Saturday.

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