Monday, July 30, 2012

More Things I Plan to Sell and More Things I Plan to Keep

If you read my last post than you might have noticed I confessed to being a Lazy Bee.  

I should confess to you now.  
I've also turned into a Vintage Hoarding Bee!  
(Technically, I'm not quite a hoarder yet because I really do plan to sell many of these treasures, but the Lazy Bee part has taken over and hasn't allowed me to photograph, research, and list these on etsy yet.  You understand, right?)

So....I'm selling these:

  •  a stack of vintage bed linens, including a chenille and blue bedspread (twin I think) - be sure to note the adorable pillow made my Amy from Into Vintage - I miss her sewing creations, maybe if we all wish really, really, really hard she'll sew more things for me to hoard buy!  

  • most of these are pillowcases, what is it about those old sheets that make them so soft and smooth compared to today's linens 

  •  what I think is a vintage locker basket - that's what Worker Bee thinks it is at least

  •  here's a close-up of that basket (and everybody say a hallelujah that there are no dust bunnies in this picture - I think it might be a minor miracle)

  • now this old wicker bottle is one I'm tempted to keep, but it's not really my style, although I DO love that style, all those cottagey whites are so pretty.....sigh...... 

  •  a charming aqua small bauer mixing bowl - this one is about the size of a candy dish - uh true confession - I HAVE been using it as a candy dish for the few months I've owned it, but it's time to send it off to someone else

  •  now aren't these just the cutest salt and pepper shakers?  I think they are someone's craft project because I think they painted those lids gold and then put the decals on there - I think they would make such charming display pieces

  •  now this one is really a charmer - it's a set of napkins - I haven't counted them yet, but there were originally 48 napkins - can't you see them used for an afternoon tea, a ladies lunch, or some wonderful craft projects?

  •  this is a metal plate - it looks old to me, but I don't know for sure - any thoughts?  I can rarely resist green and flowers, especially roses

  •  a set of three white ironstone plates with wonderful scallops - Johnson Brothers of course - uh oh here I go again, but did you know I have a thing for scallops?  I'm sure I've mentioned it before.  I might rethink these......

  •  can you believe all these vintage cards?  I only photographed a few of them - they all belonged to a teacher so you know I couldn't just leave them at the estate sale  - makes me all sentimental - oh no - I might make these a keeper too

  • and two vintage Nancy Drew books 

And I'm not selling these:

  •  I just fell in love with this little cornflower plate (or bachelor buttons) especially since they grow so well for me in my cutting garden

  •  and my new favorite this bright turquoise hobnail vase - it's blue glass on the outside and white on the inside - honestly these pictures just don't do this vibrant little piece justice - I'll have to keep trying to get better pictures of it (don't worry little vasey - mama will get a gorgeous picture of you - oh no - did I say that out loud?)

Well now you know what I've been hoarding collecting all summer to share with you!
Now Lazy Bee just needs to turn in Industrious Bee and I'll get these listed.  

I haven't been having an afternoon iced latte lately, could that be why my buzz has gone phhtt?
I'll definitely make one tomorrow and see if that gets me buzzing around our cottage.  I'll make one for you too!  Sound good?  Oh my favorite is a dark chocolate iced latte!  Oh yes, I'll have it waiting for you.
Thanks so much for buzzing by!


  1. I can see why your'e keeping that cornflower blue plate... I would too.

  2. Oh, so many treasures!!! Love the kitty card and all the vintage sheets!! The turquoise hobnail vase is stunning!! Have a great night! xo Heather

  3. I think my favorite is the hobnob vase! I love the turquoise!

  4. Everything looks yummy, especially the bed linens.

  5. Last week I saw a blogger who made a ruffled quilt out of old sheets and it was stunning! Love your prints! I alos love scallop plates. The corn flower plate is sweet. Don't blame you for keeping that!

  6. Those are some great finds...shouldn't last long in your shop. I love those cute shakers...never seen any like them...guess they could be use for baby powder :) Blessings

  7. Everything looks great...with love Janice

  8. Wow, so much to see in today's post. The color blue in the hobnail glass is oh so vivid. Blue is my favorite color, so I adore that treasure. The salt and pepper shakers are precious, as are the vintage greeting oh my!

  9. Oh my gosh look at all those beautiful sheets. You have a lot wonderful treasures. Yes Heather is so sweet and talented. I just love my tea towel. I was just in your Etsy store and there is so much goodness in there.

  10. I, too, like to collect things to sell... Very fun!


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