Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Christmas Party for a Staff of Teachers

Aren't collective nouns fun?  
Like a murder of crows or a deck of cards or a parcel of penguins – I find them quite amusing.

So I decided to see if there is a collective noun for teachers (since our staff Christmas party was here at Candy Cane Sweet Bee Cottage) and the best I found was a staff of teachers or a faculty of teachers.  Kind of boring, don't you think?  Maybe we could come up with a better one.  Any ideas?

(Mentioned this to Worker Bee and he's come up with a scholastic of teachers.)


my BIG IDEA for the party was a hot chocolate bar.

I bought this great mug/glass rack at Cost Plus World Market and I just love how it displays the mugs.  
So many things to add to the hot chocolate.
Yummy little libations to liven up that hot chocolate.
Candy canes for stirring...
hand grated chocolate shavings...
and mini marshmallows were perfect toppings.
So.........can I interest you in a mug of hot chocolate?
Hope you feel welcome, warm, and cozy!
P.S.  For the sake of telling the whole story - I recommend not using a coffee urn that still has some coffee residue - there was a faint taste of burned coffee that was hard to ignore.  Oh well - the idea was good and I'll just do it better the next time.  

P.P.S.  I also should mention that the cute background in the little silver frames is from a wonderful etsy shop called Fudgy Brownies.  She sent me the digital file in record time.  Love the patterns and colors!


  1. Such a fun idea, love your pretty mugs too:@)

  2. Coffee flavor or not, I'm sure the staff had a great time!! Looks like a lot of fun!


  3. How wonderful that you hosted the staff Christmas party in your home! Love that mug rack, and I must say that piece of furniture makes a great hot cocoa station! Oh, and I bet that peppermint schnapps tastes really good in hot chocolate!

  4. Well it is simply lovely and I am sure everyone had a wonderful time!

  5. I've heard a crockpot makes a wonderful "bowl" for hot chocolate! I'm thinking of trying it for an upcoming baby shower!


    PS and of course the cocoa bar idea :)

  6. A chocolate bar for the holidays? Not bad for a party idea. The mugs are lovely, and you can actually add some treats like gifts or party bags filled with sweets.

  7. Oh, this is so cute!!! Hot chocolate bar for teachers! And, yes, I do, actually, find collective nouns fascinating (except... I didn't know what to call them.) What to call a bunch of teachers, though, is a loaded question.... =/ LOL! One very cute idea that i've seen on Pinterest is to put chocolate, etc. that's warm into spoons and, then, add other things - like candy canes.... and... oh, gee... this is hard to describe. Then, you let it all harden. Here's a link: (you can just copy and paste it, right? =] Geesh! It took a long time to find it - but it's SO worth it!)

    Okay, well, now I don't remember what else I was going to say. I just loved reading all these posts that I've missed and all that I know, at this point is that I desperately have a hankering for some New Year's hot chocolate stirred with a peppermint stick!!!

    Thank you! It's just what I needed! =]


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