Thursday, July 11, 2013

Apple Green Envy and a Spot of Aqualisciousness used to be my favorite.  And before you blue.

But's all about the aqua, and apple green.

You might remember how I spent my last Black Friday at an estate sale and how I literally....and I do mean literally....dreamed about all the aqua milk glass items at this sale.  Really.  I kept waking up the night before the sale worried there wouldn't be any aqualisciousness (yep - made that word up - maybe I can get it added to the OED next year) left before I got there.
I ended up keeping most of the pieces I bought, but the other day, I put this up in my etsy store.
Isn't it beautiful?  LURVE that color!  (I added the cloche just for fun.)

So...where is this all going Sweet Bee?
C'mon - buzz along with me - this is why Worker Bee calls me Sweet Bee - I'm always buzzing about something.   I'll get to the honey, don't you worry.

I just recently pinned this little collection of sweet colors


and I suddenly realized my living room is going in this exact same direction!
Love, love, love my new living room rug!

It's an indoor/outdoor rug from Home Decorator's Collection.
Read about it in HGTV magazine and I just knew I had to have it.

I changed the pillows on these wicker chairs to this apple green velvet.  Got them at World Market.
 Love the tall glass lantern (already had the blue and white candle  - got it at Target years ago) which was a great price at World Market!  Yes, I am totally obsessed with World Market.  Scary obsessed.  You can ask Worker Bee - or on second thought you better not.
Any advice here?  Baby Bee and I were doing manicures in the living room and some polish remover got on our coffee table.  Yikes!  It removed some finish.  How can I fix this?  (I won't tell you how much Worker Bee has buzzed and buzzed about us ruining the coffee table, but I bet you can guess how many times - uh yeah - it happens every time he sees it.)  

 Now I think I need to paint my red heart shaped table.  Any suggestions?  I want to use red as a tiny little accent now.  (I know, I know, how can I leave red?  It was just time dear ones, it was just time.)
So....lots of little projects to go.

Big estate sale this weekend to head out to and I am really hoping it is cool enough to paint some furniture.  I just can't find the energy to paint when it's over 100º.  

Thanks for buzzing by!
I am also dreaming of finding some sort of buffet and doing this with the TV in our living room...
TV on the wall and the globe collection on the buffet.

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  1. Love your wicker chairs! I'm on the hunt for a new living room chair... Looks like a trip to World Market is in the future.. And where did you find the Aqua couches?? I picked up two Aqua chairs for my bedroom sitting area a couple of years ago from World Market. Love them!

  2. I agree with you! I was always a fan of red but lately I have been enamored with aqua. Love the collection of blue milk glass that you found - also love the item you are selling on etsy.

  3. OMG!!!! I need you to come decorate! LOVE the living room, LOVE it! Mine is so not me....I saw those rugs, I never thought of the apple green! I love the green, aqua, red and a pretty yellow all in the same room....I have got to get some different furniture pieces...:)

  4. Ahh! Too many great things to comment on here! You've done such a good job with decorating. I haven't been to World Market forever. I've been resisting because I keep seeing amazing things on everyones blogs...and I know if I go there, I'll spend way too much $$$! LOL
    Thanks for sharing!
    Erica :)

  5. Blue and green are my favorite colors! I love the way you are using them together in your living room! And I have to tell you that you have my coffee table! It's exactly the same as the one in my living room! :-)

  6. Wow I didn't even know there was such a color of milk glass. I have a collection of white but love the blue color. Hope someone can help with the coffee table.

  7. Oh, goodness golly! I remember you were redoing this room but I didn't realize that such a shift from red was coming! But, why not? Change is SO refreshing, isn't it? The coffee table - I know there is some brilliant answer but, alas, I don't know what that is. I'm excited for you, though. =)

    And, the milk glass is just beautiful!!

    Happy summer to you!! =)


  8. Aqua and green... two of my favorite colors! I love your new rug and an indoor outdoor was such a good idea, perhaps I should rethink my wool area rug ;)


    PS I think the red looks fabulous with aqua and green... those are the three colors I've been using for the holidays!

  9. The aqua and green combo. Cuteness.... The aqua glassware, I am swooning at the sight. I would have to keep it all. You must keep the aqua bread box. I always tell myself, I will find a place for it....and I usually do.
    blessings to you.


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