Saturday, December 21, 2013

And Here's the Post About What My Third Graders Made This Year

I'm not sure where the idea got into my head.  I know it's not an original idea.  Probably spotted it on Pinterest or something.  This year it was getting down to the wire on what my students were going to make as gifts for their parents this year.    In fact, there was a very good chance they might not have made anything, but luckily inspiration struck just in time and we baked up a little something sweet for our families.

We made cupcake ornaments!  
If I do say so myself, they turned out pretty stinkin' cute!

Here's what you need to make these:
•a selection of glass ornaments (we bought brown/chocolate and red/red velvet ones)
•acrylic craft paint in colors of your choice (we had ivory, candy pink, and ruby red)
•assorted glitter (we used silver and crystal clear)
•foil cupcake liners (used the Wilton since they are papery on the inside)
•a bunch or two of faux berries (found these at Michaels for about $1 a bunch)
•a low temp glue gun
•and, of course, a venti latte from Starbucks in my new venti sized travel mug (I've waited a loooooong time to get one of those.....a very looooooong time.)

1.  Start off by painting a first coat around the top of the ornament and let dry.

2.  Paint a second coat and while it is still wet, sprinkle with the glitter.
3.  After it is dry, hot glue the cupcake wrapper to the ornament (we only glued the bottom of the liner to the ornament).
4.  Snip off one of the berries from the faux bunch and hot glue it to the ornament to resemble a cherry resting on top.

5.  Last step, thread some baker's twine through the ornament hook and tie a knot!

A Christmas cupcake ornament!

Seriously, this is one of the easiest AND cutest projects we've ever done for Christmas.

Oh and I also glued a picture of each student to the bottom of the cupcake liner to make them a bit more personal.

It's not too late for you to pull off this project!  

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. A cute idea and I'm sure the kids were thrilled to be able to give them as gifts! Merry Christmas-enjoy:@)

  2. What a cute project! I bet the kids were so excited to make these and their families will love them! The kids in your class are are always thinking of nifty ways to make learning fun!
    Merry Christmas to you and the other members of your "hive", Janelle. Have fun on your break!

  3. What a great mom and dad gift!!! This is so cute!! Good thinrk'n on the teacher's part!!

  4. Oh my, these are so adorable! Fantastic idea, thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  5. So cute! Makes me almost with I had little ones gain.....almost! lol

  6. Such a cute idea! Love that you added the child's photo on the bottom. We still have Christmas tree ornaments that our (adult) children made in elementary school - memories! Merry Christmas!


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