Wednesday, February 25, 2015

And So the Aqua Quest Continues...

I am so obsessed with my beachy colors these days.  

OBSESSED I tell you!

I was just innocently entering the shipping information for a recent etsy sale and I decided I needed to search for aqua/turquoise pottery while I was there.  

And, of course, I found something.
The real McCoy, you know.

Should be here in a few days!  Can't wait!

Wanna' see what else I found?

So, what random things do you search for on etsy?

Thanks for buzzing in!  Such a delight to see you!

P.S.  And thank you so much for your kind words from my last post.  That's one of the things I love about this community!
P.P.S.  I bought the basket weave McCoy planters, but the rest are available on etsy…….for now…..


  1. You found some great pieces in the colors you were searching for so hurray for you! I LOVE Etsy but I usually look for party favors and specific handmade decorations for event's Believe me, I could go crazy just looking in general!

    Jane x

  2. Last summer I too became obsessed with the beachy aqua color, I have been trying without success to find drapes for the living room in that color, I love all that caught your eye :)

  3. Such pretty finds! So glad you treated yourself to the basketweave ones!

  4. Heloo Sweet Bee! I thought I had neglected you but I see you've taken a little break. Great to see you back!

    I love this color and these pieces. I'm not very coastal in decorating...I'm in the Midwest you know! Lots of wheat, sunflowers and owls! Ha! Still, I love what you found on Etsy. I'm not a big shopper unless it's for something creatively homemade. My daughter found great things for her wedding on Etsy...something for everyone!

    Glad to see you back!

    Jane xx

  5. Teal is my favorite color!!! I love the pitcher ~ beautiful.

  6. I love the color turquoise too, that clear glass pitcher is so pretty! I have been looking for some jadeite pieces that are reasonably priced. You might guess, I don't find very many, but there are some to be had, I just saw on someone's blog where she mixed the turquoise and jadeite colors, it was gorgeous:>)

  7. Do you have a few favorite Etsy stores? I usually browse to see what's new in the shops I like. I love aqua and especially for cottage life :) You have some real treasures~

    Blessings, Dana


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