Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Little Sweat in the Backyard and My Very Own Bunhead

I have to confess to you.

Worker Bee and I have sadly neglected our backyard over the past couple years.  At a glance everything looked okay, but really, we needed to prune and clean up and just plain old work in that yard.

We decided to tackle it in quadrants.   The first area we started on was our coastal redwoods.  They had grown quite shabby and the needles that had dropped must have been about 2 inches thick.  So we raked up all those needles and pruned up the low branches (hopefully we won't regret that decision too much in the future) and cut back all the vinca major growing under the three trees.  

After all that sweaty labor, it looked so inviting, but there was no place to sit.  So I grabbed our two adirondack chairs from the front yard and a table I already had.

I potted up a couple containers.... 
 to give it a little more personality.
Brody likes it! (Doesn't it look like she's roaring?)
 Sam likes it too (but he is the worst cat for getting a picture, so at least the back of his head is in focus).
Care for an ice tea?
 Oh and I planted a couple more pinks for centerpiece on our new outdoor dining table.
New dining table I said?  Well, you're just going to have to wait for more on that chippy story for another post.
grow little pinks, grow
I was on a roll and finally planted this old wheel barrow.  
I just love geraniums!
And would you look at how loaded with blooms our Rose of Sharon is?  I'll have to get some pictures when it is covered with blooms.
I mentioned my own little bunhead....
 Baby Bee just performed in her 7th dance recital!
Worker Bee's mom flew out for the recital.  I love that she makes the effort to come for Baby Bee's special show.

And, more good news - SCHOOL'S OUT SCREAM AND SHOUT!  More fun projects to come!  

Thanks for buzzing by!
P.S.  Speaking of bunheads, have you watched the new show?  Bunheads that is?  Not sure about it, but I'm willing to stay tuned to see where it goes.  I loved Gilmore Girls, did you?

P.P.S.  Oh and not all of those backyard quadrants are done, so as we make our progress, I'll keep you posted.
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  1. What a nice wheelbarrow! Your yard looks inviting....and the flowers are lovely...

  2. Love the chairs in the yard!! And the potted containers are just the best!!

    Oh, and schools out!!!


  3. Lots of cute heads here...Bunhead's is cute, and Sam and Brody's heads are cute too!
    And the backyard looks really cozy with your cute chairs! You better sit and have a latte! Iced maybe? :)

  4. I love your sweet place in the back. It looks inviting a nice place for a morning coffee.
    oh how I remember recitials my daughter danced until she when to college.

  5. Don't feel too bad about ignoring your backyard for awhile. You just can't do everything, right? I used to call it, "looking on the squint". Everything looks great that way. :)

    So neat that Baby Bee is dancing.

  6. Hello Bunhead Bee's mother! Love all your garden work.

  7. What a cozy spot to sit. I love taking the time to sit and enjoy the yard after working in it all day!

  8. I found 2 Adirondacks in my garage and painted them this exact color

  9. Your backyard looks so pretty and inviting! Perfect spot to sit and watch fireflies.:)
    PS I didn't catch Bunheads but I wanted to. Hopefully I can catch up.
    PPS Don't you just love those recitals? All the littles look so cute!

  10. I am so happy for Bunhead! How exciting for her! Yes your yard looks inviting and I will be over at 4:00 for lemonade. The kitties are cute! I have one that I can never photograph either! Looks like your work paid off!

  11. Love all your beautiful pine trees, and those sweet kitties! I am so intrigued about your chippy pretty table! Hope you show it off soon!! How exciting for your sweet Bunhead. Looks like a great performance. Happy Summer Vacation to you!! xo Heather

  12. Only a teacher would divide her backyard into quadrants! Hehe! It's really looking good, and I love that old wheelbarrow. You must be so proud of Baby Bee. She looks adorable in her bun. Looks like your summer is off to a great start.

  13. I'd like a lemon in my ice tea please. Love the new seating area and your pots are going to be wonderful when they get all filled out. The wheelbarrow is to die for. Would love to find one like that. I think Sam is a camera shy cat. Good thing baby bee isn't. She looks very cute. I have not heard of the bunhead show. Boy, what am I missing? Great that mama could come and watch. Things like that are so important to those little ones. Thanks for sharing all of your hard work with Share Your Cup!

  14. You backyard is so inviting. Not sure about Bunheads either, but I did LOVE Gilmore Girls., your bunhead is darling...
    enjoy your summmer.

  15. You created a nice spot to sit and relax in the garden.

  16. That quadrant looks great! It is SO hard to get a decent cat picture, isn't it?

  17. Your kitty cracks me up! thank you for sharing this post over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party! looks like a great spot to sit and enjoy some peace! xoox, tracie

  18. My husband and I also recently tackled a lot of yard work. We are feeling a bit sore. But it looks so good. hoping we all get more done soon!

  19. Baby Bee looks so cute in her dance recital. It brings back a sweet memory when me and a few friends did a skit for the whole school. It sounds like you've been very busy working on your back yard. I know it's alot of work, but it is coming along nicely. I love geraniums too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  20. Yeah! I LOVE when school is out too! Gives ME a nice break as well as college girl. I usually have breakfast with her before she takes off for classes, so now we BOTH get to sleep in. Bet your yard is looking wonderful. Great idea to put some plants in pots. I have so much fun refreshing our Fairy Garden every summer. You can use doll house furniture and other things around the house in it. One time I put a small bench next to the 'tree', which was actually a tall herb that looked perfectly tree-like! lol~ Thx for stopping by.


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