Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So....We've Gotten This Far.....

Just one more paint project to do to move all the furniture back into our new clubhouse!
Two wicker chairs painted aqua - check!
One wicker table painted lime green - check!
One Windsor chair painted white - check! 
Two scalloped shelves painted red - check! 
One shelf doo-hickey painted lime green - check!
Two little signs (dance & create) painted red - check! 
Two more little words (laugh & dream) painted aqua - check! 
Another little word (imagine) painted aqua - check!
Paper doilies found at Michaels in the $1 bin in red, aqua, and lime green - check!
(Uh, yeah, you caught me.  Those doilies weren't part of the original plan but where serendipity is just sitting there you've got to grab hold of it!  Not sure what we're going to do with those doilies - any suggestions?

Blackboard wall painted - check!
Red and white checkerboard floor painted - - - screeeeeech - - - NO CHECK!

But these guys are going to help Baby Bee and I get the job done!
I'll have a little prize for the first comment that can correctly guess what we're going to do with a ginormous sponge and some red craft paint!

Thanks for buzzin' along with Baby Bee and me as we convert this frilly little girl's playhouse into a tween (and mom and mom's friends too) clubhouse!

P.S.  Yeah!  I've got something red and it's on the right day!
Gonna' go party over at Sue's for Rednesday!

P.P.S.  Double yeah!  Gonna' share over at Have a Cup of Mrs. Olson too!

P.P.P.S.  Triple scoop!  Although our new mini cottage isn't quite ready for occupancy yet, I'm still sharing over at My Romantic Home!


  1. Your going to stamp big red squares with the sponge. (I think)

  2. OH My Gosh!!!!! I cannot wait to see this all together, and I agree some kind of painting with the sponge....I have to get out my paints!!!!! How long ago did you get the doilies at Michaels I was just there and did not see them....LOVE the colors!!!! Were they in the 1.50 bins?????

  3. The color of blue that you painted the two wicker chairs is marvelous. Your new tween room / club house is coming along fast.

  4. lookin' good, you have been some busy bees. i love all the colors you guy's have chosen. I would make doily bunting and perhaps put a couple in your window or make a artful piece on canvas with them...Good job...can't wait to see it all fixed up!!! Mica

  5. It's going to look soooooooo good! Yes, I also thought perhaps you'd use the big sponge as a stamp to make the checkerboard floor :) As for the doilies, of course you had to buy them - your colors! I think they'd be cute as some kind of garland if you have a place for them, across the top of the blackboard wall maybe? Folded in half. Or maybe above the curtains like a valance?

  6. Love those red scalloped shelves!! All your projects are just so bright and cheery. Love it! I am guessing you are going to be painting the walls? The doilies would be cute as a banner hanging interchanging the colors. xo Heather

  7. Paint the floor, of course!(sponge) Looking good. You are on a roll! Way to go~ Love the cheery colors. How about using each color of doily as matting, and put photos of daughter's friends in frames. You could frame 3 different friends or make collage/group shots. Fun, fun!

  8. I've done this painting technique on the floor! it works great. Your club house is going to be so cute. Love the idea of the doilies being a bunting/garland!

  9. You've picked some great colors! Maybe a brick pattern with the sponge? Have fun:@)

  10. Looking so pretty.You go girl.I'm a putter offer so it would have taken me till at least fall to get it done.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. A little late but my thought was " Red and white checkerboard floor painted". It will look so cute.
    I'm seeing the bright doilies cut in half to line the walls up near the ceiling to form "scallops" ala decopauged maybe.
    Happy Rednesday!


  12. I would say bricks too! L-O-V-E- the colors you used!!! That's one lucky beeeeee. ;) Happy project time! Love it! Alyssa-the other bee

  13. Amazing how those colors look together, and you've got smoe great pieces....love it all!

    I have no guesses...I'm stumped!

  14. I have a thought for your cute doilies.... I have seen banners made with them. Sew a cute fabric circle in the middle with co-ordinating fabrics. Then fold the doilies side by side over a thin jute cording and string across a room. I saw this at a party, it was soooo cute. Are you going to sponge paint a wall. It is all so cute.
    blessings to you.

  15. I LOVE all your paint jobs. I recently have painted all my porch furniture and goodies -- my finger seems frozen in the spray can application position, lol. I'm betting you are going to stamp your floor checks -- great idea! Enjoy all the fun :)


  16. Maybe something with handprints? Everything looks adorable.


  17. Are you going to make the squares with the sponges?

  18. Hey Sweetie, I forgot to ask, do you have time this summer to exchange a blog tag????? Miss Elizabeth has all of us in a flutter, and I would be honored to do a one on one swap with you, we can talk particulars later....Happy Summer, and I can't wait to see this sweet little spot finished!

  19. Just seeing all of that colorful furniture sitting in the yard has got me so excited to see it all put together! And I'm pretty sure you're going to be doing a checkerboard floor, which would set off all that furniture very nicely!

  20. Love all the bright and cheery colors! It's going to be fabulous... and hey, I think I recognize those doilies from Michaels ;)


  21. Love the colors! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  22. Love the wicker chairs and the colors you picked are so pretty. I know whatever you decide will be fantastic!


  23. This is going to be one sweet clubhouse...Can I join? Hee, Hee, Hee. The colors you picked are so bright, fun and pretty. Can't wait to see it done. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for becoming a follower. Hope you come visit again soon.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  24. Love that color combination! It's gonna be awesome. Mimi

  25. So you love to paint and drink coffee? I love to drink coffee,but I'm lucky that my wife Jane loves to paint. We work together at Cottage at the Crossroads.I enjoyed your blog and I'll be back.
    Leo at Cottage at the Crossroads.

  26. Hello! Looks marvelous! I just bought some of the Rustoleum Aqua paint for a very different project - I can't wait to get that started!
    I think you're going to paint faux brick.

    That's what I'd do :)
    Have a blessed Fourth of July!

  27. The paint jobs look wonderful. What terrific colors! I am not usually a big wicker fan...but I'm LOVING this!
    And...purslane tastes a lot like spinach. It's not like eating stems either, very nice delicate texture. Have some!

  28. Cute, cute! Love all of the cheery colors. I know I am way to slow, but I think the stamped floor will be so sweet. I hand painted a rug with cherries on it on the floor of the play house at our previous home. It was alot of fun. Of course you had to buy the doilies. I could see a cute garland made from them draping somewhere in the little cottage. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  29. Hey, Momma Bee, It looks great! I did alot of projects over the years with sponges and foam rubber and someone gave me a little tip to make working with the stuff SSSSOOOO much easier. Thought I would share it with you for future projects? maybe. You can cut very straight lines using an electric knife (the kind your own momma might have cut the turkey with years ago. It goes through foam and sponges "like butter". Works great. :)

  30. Me and Sweet Bee are having soooooooo much fun doing this! But it sure is HOT! I myself can't wait to see the finishing touches and I'm doing it with Sweet Bee! This project is a big project but we're gonna finish it. :) BTW I was reading all the comments before I did mine and I love all the cute garland ideas for the doilies. :) :) :) :) :)


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