Monday, November 18, 2013

Have You Heard About These?

I'm afraid I have a new obsession.  Just a week or so ago our local Big City newspaper ran a feature on these and the seeds of the obsession were sown. 

Then, there was an article in Parade magazine this weekend and that just enough to make the obsession bloom.

(And no, for those of you who still get a daily newspaper and read Parade magazine, my obsession is not Pioneer Woman, although I do like her a lot.)

I began to stalk them. 

And pin them.

And try to figure out how to convince my brother to build one for me.

Or try to figure out why I marred a guy who doesn't really know how to build things.

Or even learn how to build one myself.  After all, I am me build.

Okay,  I usual.

I want one of these................

Right in my front yard.

And I even have a good excuse to build it since one of my picket fence posts rotted out and needs to be replaced.  

Wouldn't one of these be just the spiffiest fence post cap? 

I know you're with me people. I must plot and plod along. And dream. And start a book collection to put in this when I get it.

Do you think I'm crazy to even consider this?  
After all, we live right across the street from an elementary school.  What better group to serve could we have?

Or do you wish your neighbor would build one too?  
And think of the conversations you might strike up with your neighbors about books.

Or do YOU want to build one for yourself?
This last one is my personal favorite...

there's just something about a stone wall that grabs my heart!

And as for that big announcement?  
Well, it's still coming.....but I think I will wait until things are "set" up a bit more.  
And it is the biggest reason I haven't been able to write the best post ever in long time.
I am SUCH a tease!

P.S. Do you want to find out more about the Little Free Library movement?  Why you can go here and find out tons of information, get plans, or even buy pre made book houses.  


  1. Oh that's about the best idea I've seen in a long time! Reading and sharing and cuteness...all rolled into one! I must learn more. Thank you for telling me about this!
    Erica :)

  2. I manage a used book store and have several customers who are doing the free library. They just trade in books to get free books to restock their library. I love the idea.

  3. Our library recently put one up by the front door. So cute and what a fab idea! I'd love to have my own also.

  4. I have seen those and I think it's so cool! If you look on YouTube there's a bunch of videos on the Free Little Library Movement.

  5. Yep, I love those! I blogged about them a year or so ago -- I've got one registered, but still as yet unbuilt! I had an artist friend that was going to help me but then she got real busy, so I need to fetch my materials back from her and in list the husband to help. I even have books ready! I live in an affluent suburb, where most parents work so kids come home to empty houses and tired parents, no public transportation, and the public library is not within bicycle or walking distance (and across major roads), so kids here have surprising little access to a library unless their parents drive them.

  6. There is one of those not too far from me. I need to go by on a Saturday or sometime when I actually have a few spare minutes and can stop and take a look.

  7. I saw one of those for the first time this summer as I was attending a garage sale. Very cool!

  8. It's a great idea!! Makes me wish I had a picket fence!!!

  9. What a great idea!! I've not seen these before. Thanks for sharing.

  10. We have one in our little town and it is just so cute!! I think it would be awesome to have one in the front of my house!!! Great idea!!

  11. yes, i have... they are popping up all over seattle!

  12. I have just started to read about these and I think it's a nifty idea. If you build one, make sure the rain can't get in :-D

  13. What a neat idea!! Looking forward to seeing the one you build! It will be fabulous! xo Heather

  14. I love this idea too and have one in our park just around the corner from our house. So fun. Mimi

  15. I HAVE heard of these and think they're such a great idea! And so stinkin' cute:)


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