Saturday, November 30, 2013

Time for the Big Reveal of What I've Been Up To!

So.....I've been teasing you long enough.  You see there has been a reason why I haven't been around much, why I haven't left many comments with my dear bloggy friends, why I've hardly posted much....

And it's time to tell you why!

Well, first off, for those of you who don't know this....I am a HUGE ham! 

 Give me a microphone (or honestly, I probably don't even need a microphone - I have one of those voices that just carries) and I am in hog heaven!  Now in person, I'm a bit on the shy side (unless you've known me a long time) but I love to play a character.

So, our small town just built a state of the art theater and the entire Sweet Bee Cottage family (yes, all 3 of us) are all appearing in the Raisin Cane Players production of

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

Are you familiar with the story?  If not, I highly recommend reading the book 

by Barbara Robinson or seeing a production of the play in your area.  
It has the sweetest Christmas message all wrapped up in a hilarious package.  

Well I am playing Mrs. McCarthy who is one of the church ladies.  If you've seen a production, she's the one who yells "Fire!" which leads to all kind of havoc during the dress rehearsal of the Christmas pageant.  I probably have the biggest small part.
Spent today painting the church set.  Love that mauve floor - looks very 80s/90s!

My dear Worker Bee is playing Bob Bradley, the father of the narrator and the husband of Grace who is the mom who now has to run the pageant since Mrs. Armstrong who normally runs EVERYTHING is laid up with a broken leg.  He is absolutely hilarious in the part!  I have other members of the crew and cast telling me how perfect he is as that character.  He says he's basically playing himself - supportive, but slightly exasperated with his wife who takes on too much.  And as he says, he has the smallest big part in the play.
It's a huge set - it spans the whole width of the stage, but we need that because there are at least 18 kids in the cast.  
And Baby Bee is also a singer in the angel choir.  The little choir sounds wonderful!  She does have one line, "I have to go to the bathroom," which she is not that enthusiastic about giving since she is a 12 year old and 12 year olds don't publicly admit that they have to go to the bathroom.  
In small town community theater everybody does a little of everything....this is our lead (Grace Bradley) touching up the stage floor. 

So the entire Sweet Bee Cottage family has been busy going to rehearsals, learning lines, thinking about costumes, and still trying to keep up with all the normal things such as homework, housework, and yard work so I haven't had much time for hanging out in blog land.

Opening night is Thursday and we run for two weekends!  

Can't wait to tell you more about it!


  1. How exciting and I think it's fabulous that the whole family is involved! I'm sure this will be a season you will always remember!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun to me!!

  3. Wow...this sounds like amazing fun!! Can you have someone take a short video for you to post? Can I say I remember you when you were just a Sweet Bee?


  4. How fun. A family of actors. This sounds like such fun. You really should post a clip so we all can see.
    Blessings to you.

  5. Aww, so fun!! Looking forward to hearing more! Have lots of fun! xo Heather

  6. Wow!! What a blast to be participating in such a fun event!! Can't wait to read the reviews!!!

  7. This sounds like the most fun thing to do...and a real family activity! Have you gotten an agent yet? Manager? I'm available if you need any contracts looked over. :D please, please post some pictures of the Bees if you can't get a video clip. Fun!

  8. How wonderful! My children always enjoyed reading this book! You all will have a blast!!!! Break a leg.:)

  9. That is awesome! We are reading this for our book club this month. :)


  10. What fun for you all to be in the same play! It looks like a great story, I'll have to look it up. Have a great time and (don't) Break a Leg!

  11. Cant wait to see pics, this is a great show. First time I ever saw my child perform was this play she was Imogene ... I can still see her in that bathroom lol :) Elaine


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