Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Now, ain't that the truth!

Been gone from the blog for awhile.  
For a good reason.  
(Yes, I've been working on complete vs. incomplete sentences with my third graders and that last one was not a complete sentence, but I always think of us as talking casually and I always tell my students that conversational communication is quite different than written communication – and don't mention the run-on sentence I just wrote there too.  Don't worry, the English language is not going to h#*l in a hand basket  in my classroom!  Wait, where was I?)

I was wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day!

Me?  Why I spent the day reading The Fault in Our Stars.  Baby Bee has been nagging me and nagging me to read it.  She even put this note on the book.
And she was right.
Should have grabbed the box of tissues before I started crying (for the first time on page 111). 

Then she made me watch the movie trailer...

Should a 13 year old girl make her mom cry so much on Mother's Day I ask you?
Well, she did.  
And we cried together.

What a perfect Mother's Day.


P.S.  Love the image at the top?  Why it's from my favorite artist dujour...
Katie Daisy!
You can find her oh so bright and colorful and delightful and inspiring (and another run-on sentence there) work on etsy
The Wheatfield.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, Miss Sweet Bee! I hope you are well. I've seen some previews for "The Fault in Our Stars" and it looks like kleenex will definitely be required (as you already know). Wishing you & your daughter a wonderful day together. xo

  2. Glad to see back. Give a book report when are done reading! Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful.
    Blessings to you


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