Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello? Hello? Can You Hear Me? Is This Thing Even On?


My name is Janelle aka Sweet Bee and I have been a bad blogger.  I have excuses (and my dears, believe me they are good) and too many irons in the fire and so I must start my reparations to you, my dear readers (and is there more than one reader out there?  do I have too much nerve to write that as a plural?)

So, yes, I will start by confessing to you what I did not get painted.

The back of these bookshelves?  Still red.
The dresser that was my mom's and is now our sofa table?  Still has its original finish from 1960 something.

(and you knew there had to be one, right?  A "but" I mean.)

I did get a teensy weensy bit of painting done.

And while in the middle of this painting deluge I might have gone on to Craig's List.  And I might have spied an adorable little china hutch.  And I just might have gone and bought it.  And I just might have painted it too!

Maybe.  But I'm a tease and I'm not going to tell you.

All right, all right already1  You twisted my arm.  I'll tell you!  I'll show you!  I'll even listen to you oooooo and ahhhhhhh over it.

But first, you have to look at my other little pretties.  (Somehow as I wrote that down, I was cackling like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz when she says, "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too."  Don't ask me why.  Sometimes my brain amazes even me.)

Red heart shaped table?  
Now a gorgeous aqua!  
She sings now!  (It's true, if you listen closely, she sings….okay, I couldn't keep a straight face….she only sings to my heart!)

Black as night corner cabinet?  Not anymore!

Gorgeous white with the same aqua inside the cupboard and new mercury glass like hardware!

My milk glass really pops now!

Chalkboard closet doors?  Done!  And they've even been initiated!
Baby Bee's BFF drew all over them!  (Let's call her Ginger Bee.  Ginger Bee is quite the little doodler. Future etsy seller???)
I got a few other pieces painted, but they are only a base coat now, so those will have to wait for their reveal for another day.
Now, getting back to my Craigs List find….
Can you believe this piece?  You know it was the cute little scallops that got me.  We were really looking for a bigger china cabinet and this cutie popped up and now she lives in our entry way/living room.
It's vintage Ethan Allen and even has the original sales booklet/brochure in the drawer.
It is so stinkin' cute!

I painted the inside a deep, almost navy blue and I love it, but it does need some light on it.  

I've filled it with vintage blue, aqua, white and green glass pieces.    

I've been looking for a sweet little lamp to place on the top of the buffet part.  I have a sweet little vintage lamp but I cannot find a lampshade for it to save my life!  It's either too big or too little.  I've looked for new lamps too but they are all too big!  Rest assured that one day I will find one!

Well, this is what I accomplished in August.  Hang in there.  I'll be back to share a few more big projects I've tackled and finished at Sweet Bee Cottage.

And thank you so much for your visits.  Even when I've been a bit too busy with that real life stuff to have put much up here.  

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Thank you again dear bloggy friends!


  1. wow.. your cabinets turned out great. The milk glass really pops with the blue behind it!! I was looking for a hutch like your craigslist find for a while and finally gave up. WTG.. great find.
    happy sunday.

  2. I love finding deals like your hutch, I love the scalloped detail too!

  3. Goodness gracious the white hutch is ADORABLE!!!

  4. You have been super busy! I love the hutch painted inside.

  5. Maybe if I took a bloggy break, I'd get some things accomplished like you did! Love that hutch with the scalloped trim! Oh, my!

  6. Those look great!

  7. Its so good to hear from you! I was getting worried! :)


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