Friday, June 26, 2015

A Mix 'n' Chic Style Challenge

Hi guys!

I recently got an email from the site to participate in a style challenge - a Mix'n'Chic Style Challenge!  

I thought, sure, why not?  It might be fun......and it was!

You might be aware (tongue firmly in cheek) that I'm going beachy in my cottage with aqua, greens, blues, whites, and natural textures and I found several perfect items on the Shabby Chic Category that I thought would go together great! is my first style board.....evah!

I was asked to use items from their Shabby Chic category, specifically eight pieces, and I found this fabulous china hutch that was my inspiration piece.

Don't you just love all it's vintage shabbiness?  
It's inspiring me for the one I'm making over (I hope - if it's still at the thrift store when I get there - fingers crossed, don't jinx it).  

Then I started poking around in the entire Shabby Chic section and I found this great table and industrial cabinet.  I'm a big fan of mixing a little cottage, a little industrial, and a lot beachy together.  
I thought the table was fantastic with the white paint and zinc edging.  It's 72" in diameter and can seat 10.  

And this industrial cabinet is just as it was found (and, bummer, it has already sold) and I thought it would make a great bar cabinet.  Such a great color!  I love finding something you can use in a new way. 

For seating I just love metal garden chairs - almost talked Worker Bee into getting some on clearance at World Market last summer, but he just rolled his eyes at me.  Sometimes you have to go with your gut and not push it with my poor husband.  Maybe someday he'll come around.  Anyway, I digress (such a perfect word for my blogging style).  

I found these fabulous aqua chairs at Dot & Bo.  Perfect for my casual beachy vibe I was going for on my first evah style board.  
Dot & Bo
 And, of course, you need to have an area rug for your dining room!  What could be more perfect than seagrass?  Why, it even has "sea" in it! (although, truth be told, I would probably go with a synthetic seagrass rug because they are so easy to maintain and clean)
Burke Decor

 I also used ChipIt! from Sherwin Williams to make the color palette.  All those beautiful beachy colors make my heart sing!
Do you see the little vintage rum bottle?  Found that on too!
BTW, I just told Worker Bee I had finally decided what color I wanted to paint the dining room chairs and he said, "What?  You're painting those?"  Clearly he does not listen when I am going on and on about what I would like to do.  Probably a wise choice on his part.  But I've already gotten clearance from my mom (aka Sewing Bee) to paint them since they were originally hers, so it's a go.  Oh, and I want to paint them aqua!  I know!  You're shocked!  Pick yourself up off the floor.  You had to know it was coming.  (And, Worker Bee?  While I'm at it I'm recovering the seats too - with drop cloth! Hope that got your attention!)

And, you know I could add more to this, (oh Lord, Worker Bee and Baby Bee know for sure how much more I could add to anything) but I kept it simple, as if it were for somebody else.  Somebody who likes things clean and neat and not a bit cluttered like I do.  

Thoughts, people?  Yes, you, with your hand raised???  Just kidding dear friends!  I wouldn't call you out like that.  A little teacher on summer vacation humor!  

Thanks for buzzing by!  

P.S.  I was not compensated in any way by  I just thought this would be fun and it finally got me onto Polyvore.  (Great, another thing to make me spend too much time on the internet.)


  1. Very nice board, LOVE that hutch! I think aqua for chairs is fabulous :)

  2. Very pretty choices of colors! I just love to read your humorous and fun-fonty posts! So many twists of fun in your writing. As a teacher - I loved your hand-raising comment! CUTE! A beachy theme is so relaxing. My bedroom will be beachy if dear husband helps me paint it this summer. I have the shells and the white furniture - that's a start, isn't it? Happy week to you!


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