Thursday, June 18, 2015

I've Got Time to Play!

So I played with dishes in the backyard!

I saw on Instagram there was a #summerdesignchallenge for a garden party and I thought it would be fun to play along.  Of course, I missed the deadline, but oh well, I had fun and I took enough pics to share with you!

I started with this table runner I picked up at Home Goods earlier in the spring.  It's perfect for where I'm heading with my sunroom/dining room.  

We have my parents old chippy picnic table and I love the way it looks.  However, Worker Bee is fed up with it.  He is worried about ingesting paint chips.  I told him it's good for the digestion, but he disagrees.  I just might have to repaint it this summer.  

Then I used my thrifted vintage Wedgewood Hedge Rose plates.

I added my vintage, probably antique, silver-plate flatware and napkins I bought at World Market.

I used the sweet aqua glasses I got from Pottery Barn and wine glasses my mom picked up for me at the pharmacy she used to work at.  They are made by Tag.

Finally, I used these aqua bowls from World Market.

Who knew?  My wine bottle even goes with the beachy colors!

And I am such a rotten friend.  I texted pictures of my little imaginary garden party to my friends teaching summer school.  Don't worry, I promised to have them over for a nice garden luncheon.

Now, can I serve you a lovely gazpacho soup?  Or perhaps a cold berry soup?

Thanks for buzzing' along!


  1. If I didn't know better, I would think I was at the beach. All so cute. Enjoy the summer.

  2. I vote for the cold berry soup! Your entire table looks refreshing and so summery! Wish I could come for a visit! Oh, and our picnic table is very chippy, too!

  3. How pretty! I love all the colors on that table. :)

  4. Beautiful colors. Like the sea. Going to Cayucos soon?

    1. Yes, in just a few weeks. I can't wait! Looking forward to visiting Cambria too. I just love the Central Coast! How about you?

  5. I'm loving it, especially the little blue lace on the napkin!
    Gayle from Behind the Garden Gate

  6. I love this tablescape. It's so tranquil and looks like the perfect place for a summer get-together. I'm hosting a link party on my blog on Thursday and I'd love for you to stop by and share one of your posts. I hope to see you there! --Lela @ In The New House Designs

  7. Love your tables cape and the color is so serene looking/feeling. What a tease you are sending the photos to your friends who are working :-} It's cute your wine bottle matching the theme. thanks for letting me know you like my cottage garden from bring friends on IG.

  8. it looks cool and beachy and inviting. Beautiful colors and textures :)


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