Tuesday, October 12, 2010

White Wedding Wednesday

Yes, this looks like a lovely vintage wedding gown.

Please - look at the lovely lace and beading.  Can you see the chiffon shirred sleeves?
Isn't the veil and headpiece beautiful?
I happen to know the exact vintage of this dress.  It's from 1960.

I love this dress but I'm five inches taller than my mom and I have - well let's just say my chest would never fit in that dress - you probably get the picture. 

But now this lovely dress will be Baby Bee's Halloween costume.  

What will she be you ask?

Why a ghost bride, of course!

She tried it on the other night and (for those of you who are new here - she's 9 years old and in fourth grade) she looked so grown up.  I think she even brought a little tear to her daddy's eye.  I'll be sure to take pictures.

Now for the back story......

This was Sewing Bee's dress from when she married my dad in 1960.  My parents divorced in 1979 and this dress has been in storage ever since.  My mom remarried a marvelous man who became my dad and she has wanted to get rid of this dress for quite awhile since it didn't have much sentimental value and it didn't feel right to have one of the granddaughters wear it.  (Kind of bad luck, don't you think?)  So Baby Bee and I were brainstorming costume ideas and she wanted to be a ghost.  I knew mom was thinking of getting rid of the dress so we asked and....
voila.....a ghost bride!

Thanks for stopping in today.   
What are your costume plans?  
I think I will be a mom escorting her child trick or treating.  
What do you think?

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  1. That is a FANTASTIC idea for a costume and also a fantastic use for that dress! :) Love it! ~Stephanie from Buttermilk Hill

  2. Beautiful pictures, and what a wonderful idea to use the dress for a costume! Love it!

    Now, we just need to see her all costumed up as the ghost bride--how fun!

    Hope you're having a wonderful night!


  3. What a gorgeous dress. So fitting to be a ghost bride I think.

  4. Beautiful Gown ~ a Great Use for a Dress that doesn't hold the Best Memories... Now maybe it will~

  5. I think that is fabulous idea-please show pics when she's wearing it!

  6. Baby Bee will be the perfect ghost bride! Great idea!

  7. That's a great costume for her. I think it's healthy how your mom feels about the dress. I'm going to steal your costume idea...lol...as an escort of whoever else is wearing their costume.

  8. It's a beautiful gown, and it will make a perfect ghost bride costume for Baby Bee! I can't wait to see it!

  9. ...beautiful dress will take a b4 pic with your sweet little girl and an after...can't wait to see it ...wonderful idea!...

  10. Such A wonderful and fun idea! How cute I mean (scary) baby Bee will be.
    My husband and I always took our girls out trick or treating, they never went out alone. I love seeing all the little ones dressed up..
    Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

  11. There is something so magic about wedding dresses, I always say that in my next life I shall make them. The materials used, the designs, it is all so wonderful.
    A sad story that goes with this one but it is good to hear your mother found another wonderful man.
    A great idea to use this dress for your daughter.
    My friend from Columbus will have to tell me all the ins and outs on Halloween.
    Your blog looks fun with this background!
    Happy day,

  12. That sounds like a terrific idea! Can't wait to see pictures. Your mom was so generous and I know she will be tickled that her granddaughter is getting so much enjoyment out of the dress.

  13. That dress is stunning!!! Can't wait to see it on your precious little one!


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