Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reader Bee's Birthday

Let me introduce you again to my niece - Reader Bee!

Reader Bee recently celebrated her 11th birthday and she had a carnival theme.  Reader Bee and I love to get crafty and creative together so she came over and we worked on a few little projects to make the party fun and festive.!

She had a cupcake walk!  So fun!

Oooo....more food!

Games!  She borrowed a bunch of our lawn games - ladder ball, beanbag toss, and our spoon & egg race.

I painted faces!  I have never done it before and it was fun!  I painted hearts, cherries, rainbows, butterflies, and ladybugs to name a few.  

Wood Bee is a math teacher so I painted pi on his face.  He had the square root of 2 on the other cheek.

Don't the girls look like they are having fun?

And here's my Reader Bee!  She wanted a crown and an 11 painted on her face.  
Happy Birthday Reader Bee!  Your auntie loves you!
(She reads my blog sometimes.)

Reader Bee and I should probably go into business together creating kids birthday parties.  We always have fun coming up with party ideas and decorating for them.

Thanks for buzzin' in!  


  1. Love the cupcake tree! I detected chocolate right away! Hubby and I did one on a slightly larger scale for my niece's wedding last Fall. She had a very small wedding and hubby makes the most amazing Carrot Cake, which she asked him to make as their wedding cake.

    He did a small 3 tiered cake for the bride and groom so they would have it to "officially" cut and take the top layer home, and then 100 Carrot Cupcakes for the guests. He was so very honored.

    What a lovely Auntie you are Sweet Bee! You've inspired me. I've never painted faces before, but I guess as long as the kids didn't want some elaborate super hero or Disney princess, I'd do a halfway decent job. ;~)

    Very sweet! Wishing A Happy (belated)11th Birthday to Reader Bee!!!

    Have a truly peaceful Sunday,

  2. Love the cupcake tree and the crafts! Looks like a great time was had by all. What a special relationship you share with your niece. It's a gift and blessing for both of you!

  3. Good Sunday Morning, Cutie Pie....I am SO delinquent in my responses to my friends. Please forgive me. Last week at work was really a killer. Maybe mow I can return to my normal life...that is if you can call my life NORMAL. LOL

    Your blog is getting so VERY Halloweeny and festive. I just love it. You did a great job of downloading those vintage post cards...I am assuming you did not have ALL of these.

    The birthday party photos and story are so dear. I know you all had a great time...the adults having as much fun as the children. You did a wonderful job.

    Thanks for you comment about my sister.

    XOXOXOXO Genie

  4. Looks like fun! So glad they all had a good time--such great ideas you both had!

    Hope your Sunday is wonderful...


  5. I see a future entrepreneur there. I think you both could be great
    "Party Planners". Loved being part of your party.

  6. You two should definately go for it. Everytime I have a big party I say "Never agian!" I'd love to have someone do cute little parties.

  7. Oh how fun! You must really enjoy your time together - happy birthday to your little miss niece.


  8. glad I'm on your bloggie list. lol

    love the Oct decor.

  9. You are a very sweet auntie and Reader Bee is a lucky gal. Happy Birthday!

  10. Sweet Bee,
    You are a wonderful aunt! Looks like everyone had a great time. Love the decorations and I would love to have a cupcake!

  11. Happy Birthday, Reader Bee. I loved creatng birthday parties for my kids when they were little. Today was my son's 38th birthday so I cooked his favorites for him and his family. Still love partying with my baby!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Reader Bee!! Looks like you had quite a party to celebrate your big day!! Those cupcakes look delicious. :o)
    The Tattered Tassel

  13. You should! You're so good at it. Sorry it's taken me a few days to get around. I've been sooo busy of late! And I can't even say I have kids at home, unless you count critters. Have I said that I just adore your sidebars? They make me smile every time.


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