Friday, October 15, 2010

What Are You Going to Be for Halloween?

Have you given much thought to what you're going to dress up as for Halloween?

Baby Bee starts thinking about her costume for next year on Nov. 1, but she changes her mind so much we don't commit to anything until the first of October.  

Here are some ideas we had this year....
(Remind you of someone's birthday party?)

This is my favorite!

In actuality Baby Bee will be a ghost bride.  Not quite the pink nirvana she might have dreamed up but it sure fits the budget a lot better!

Which is your favorite?

Happy Pink Saturday!

Thanks for bringing yourself on over!  So nice to see you!


  1. Hello, lovely Sweet Bee! I've been a way for a few weeks and have come back to a very festive hive! I think that your mother's old wedding gown is so pretty and will be a joy for your daughter wear - even though she'll be a ghost. She'll be like a princess ghost! =]

    Congratulations on winning the blue ribbon. What a fun project! It sounds like you all had a hoot putting it all together.

    And, I just have to say, I LOVE YOUR GREEN CABINET!!!

    Happy Autumn! It spit snow, here, today. Can you believe it? I can't!

    Love, Katy

  2. Those are so cute! Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. The little Minnie Mouse is the sweetest one for me but they all are darling. I found a Bart Simpson T-shirt at the thrift shop that says "I see Dumb People" and since I'm an Old Gray Mare I should be able to get away with it on Halloween without offending too many

  4. I personally like the I Dream of Jeannie get-up - but this is coming from a woman whose dad made costumes for us ranging from a pack of Tareytons (I'd rather fight than switch!) to a cave woman Wilma Flintstone with a real bone in my hair!

  5. Your blog is absolutely adorable.

  6. Happy Pink Saturday! I am with you! That one is adorable - although they all are cute! Just love them all and little ones to dress up!

  7. My days of dressing up for H'ween are over but I love to see what my grandkids come up with. G'daughter M was the cutest witch last year...her mama made her this huge tutu of many colors plus she had a witch's hat and cape. She looked precious. G'son R can't decide this year so far. My daughter went one year as Boy George and another year as Cindy Lauper. She often won the costume contest at our church.

  8. I so miss making the costumes for my daughter. It was always fun to get out the felt and the glue and stuff. I do miss it. I guess I will now have to wait for grandchildren. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by to say hello.


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