Sunday, March 13, 2011

At Last! The Giant Chalkboard Is Done!

It's been a long time coming.  You've been patient with me as I tackled this project.

Shall we stroll down memory lane together?

I should probably start with my inspiration.............
I just loved the idea of writing inspirational quotes or menus or whatever in our dining room/sunroom.  I also wanted it to be portable in case I wanted to move it outside or really - anywhere.  
So I've painted a chalkboard on our pantry door in our kitchen and I've painted chalkboard paint on my most of my pots in the garden, so I was comfortable with the chalkboard paint,  I just needed to find the right thing to paint.  But I wanted to do this on the cheap.  Worker Bee looked at ReStore but the doors there started at $70 - too much for this project. So that clever Worker Bee found a cheap slab door he bought at Home Depot for about $18.  

I started off with this slab of a door as my Christmas present from dear Worker Bee.
Then I picked up some cheap moulding (we'll revisit my thoughts on the cheap moulding later) for a frame.
I painted the entire slab with the chalkboard paint.
Worker Bee and Baby Bee helped me cut and glue the moulding down.
And it looked like what you see above.  Cute, but this is a bee who craves color.

Well, I bet you can guess what color I picked to paint the moulding......

I got out my favorite RED from Behr - just an aside here, but I do love that Behr primer plus paint, worth every extra penny. (and no, Home Depot is NOT paying me for mentioning this paint)
It took 4 coats - but they went quickly - and then I rubbed a dark stain over the top of that to give it a richer color and some depth.
Don't worry - the white spot is a blossom from one of our backyard trees.
Well, what do you think?
I really like it, but I must confess I don't LURVE it.

Well, I should not have cheaped out on the the white plasticy moudling.  It looks nice and crisp when it is white, but it does not paint beautifully and I wasn't able to distress it like I had in my mind.  
For now, it will do, but someday I will improve upon this.
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Oh yeah and total cost was about $32! (I already had the paints and stain and liquid nails.)

So thanks for coming by and seeing my metamorphosis!  
I truly appreciate you taking time out of your day to leave a comment of just stop by.  You are such a delight!

Wondering where my quote on the chalkboard came from?  It's on the bottle of my amazing grace shower gel from philosophy.  (yes, I'm a philosophy girl)  I love reading it every morning and it never fails to inspire.  Hope you enjoy it too!


  1. I love it! I think you should give it to me :)

  2. This is a wonderful project, Sweet Bee! I just LOVE the red frame! YOu did a fabulous job. I would be thrilled with one in my home!
    So much inspiration here! What a fun stop!

  3. I came to visit and low and behold, you also had a new spiffy banner and sidebars! You clever girl. You know I love it: IT'S RED!

  4. Let's say if photographs well, cause it looks great in the pictures. You know what I like, she says? I like the Green Frog tape liner, I know you were protecting the moulding but I think the green "mat" sets of the red. That may not be the case in REAL life, but it looks cool in pic.

  5. I love it too! When you and Bethany are done with it, please forward it to me. :-)

  6. Your chalkboard is amazing!

    Your new blog banner is too. :)

  7. I think you did a great job. You wanted to distress it? Maybe you could use the toothbrush spatter trick of paint. I love doing that ;-)

  8. I think it looks pretty darn good. Love the quote. Mimi

  9. I love it too. You'll have to tell me what the name of your favorite red paint is because I need some of it too!!

  10. WOW, it turned out so great! I am impressed friend!


  11. I love the red trim are you going to hang it when it is in the house or lean it up against a wall?

  12. I love the chalkboard ~ Wow and the red trim is great! Happy Monday ;-)

  13. From the pics, it looks absolutely sweet! BTW, When you said that you couldn't distress it the way you wanted to, I wondered if you thought about trying one of the new "stick to everything" spray paints? If you stood far enough away, it might leave just a hint of the color over top of the red. Just thinkin' out loud...

    Anyway, I'm a total Philosophy girl myself! Love, love, love their scents. I have several of them. I also love the sayings on the bottles. Great idea to use one as a quote on your new chalboard!

    Well done! :~)

  14. It looks fantastic! You did a bang-up job. And I love the quote.


  15. I think it looks great. Well done!

  16. I think it's spectacular, and I want to get on the list to have it sent to me too! I love things like this in a home, because it adds such personal charm!

  17. Loved that chalkboard....BTW....I'm a Philosophy"woman" too. Don't you just love that fragrance.


  18. This is way cool. What a creative and wonderful idea. If I ever give it a try, I'll remember about the moulding advice, but I am very impressed with your project, and I never would have noticed.

    Best and God bless,


  19. I love the way your blackboard turned out. I have a thing about them...I want them everywhere. I even painted my 40 year old son’s room when he was a wee one with blackboard paint. I also have two blackboards that he did for in charcoal and the other in pastels. I sprayed them with a fixative so the artwork will not rub off. You are really going to enjoy yours.

  20. First of all, thank you for the sweetest comment on my blog ~ you made me smile!!!
    Secondly (and most importantly), your mamouth chalk board is AWESOMENESS! I am in awe at your determination to recreate it! I love the red frame!!!!!

  21. You are a teacher, aren't you? I'm a retired teacher and I had to have a chalkboard in my kitchen. I think the red frame is awesome. Mine has a black frame. You can see mine on my blog.

  22. Love the size and scale of it! Great chalkboard project!!

  23. I love your door idea. It came out so great with the red frame. You did a great job on this project!!

  24. Great porject - looks fab! Thanks also for stopping by my blog :o) Scarlett x

  25. Thanks for posting it to my linky party! I LOVE it!!! The saying is awesome as well!! Alyssa

  26. I love it! It also looked good with the green painter tape as a secondary color!!

    I'm a philosophy girl too!


  27. I think your chalk board turned out wonderful. Glad you chose to paint it red. It really "pops" now!

  28. I know I saw it already, but I had to come back, because it's so worth seeing again! I love it, and I wish I had the space for one in our home!
    Happy REDnesday!

  29. I have been wanting/needing a chalkboard just like that, only not quite so big. Love yours!


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