Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Inspiration Board

We all have one, don't we?

Someplace to put those little snippets and treasures.

Well, there's a long story behind my inspiration board - let's just say necessity is the mother of invention.  (Someday when I fix it, I'll share the story of what's under the quilt.)

My inspiration board is a quilt I pinned to the wall!  

I didn't intend to keep it, but now that it lives in my little craft room I LURVE it!  

Can you believe I was going to donate this quilt?  I'm so glad it never made it to AmVets (sorry AmVets).

So....what inspires me?
A best of show ribbon for one of our table settings from the fair.

Sparkly cherries!  So glamorous!
Homemade cherries (by Baby Bee) - the BEST kind!
A cute little Mary Engelbreit teacup.  Lovin' the cute details!
One of the tags from an apron tag swap.
Another sweet tag from the same swap.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham organized this sweet little swap last summer.  I look at those aprons all the time - they are so adorable.
A sweet birthday note from Reader Bee, my niece.
More ribbons from the county fair!
A pretty little tag from Betty at She's Sew Pretty.
A Mary E. postcard that never fails to stir my creativity.
Something that used to be on my inspiration board, but .....well.....I got inspired!
The sweet little hearts above are from a card that Amy from Into Vintage sent me.  I'm sure she didn't imagine I would save it, but when I saw it with this Susan Branch mat, I just knew it would look spectacular.  This little pretty is now living on the side of our computer armoire in the kitchen.
What's on your inspiration board?
I shared mine, won't you share yours?

Thank you so much for coming by! 

I am so delighted to see you.  I hope you can stay a minute to enter my giveaway.  Just click on the sidebar photo to leave a comment and - maybe - fingers crossed - win this giveaway!

Thank you Cindy for giving us the opportunity to share our treasures

Hope you can stay!  We're having a delicious green salad with grilled chicken and homemade blue cheese dressing for dinner tonight!  


  1. That is really nice using the quilt for your board. I don't have one. Really don't have a good wall to put one on.

  2. Your inspiration Board is an inspiration in itself! The hand-painted cherries are the best! :)

    Nice stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  3. Well, I don't have and inspiration board, I keep a spiral note book where I write down ideas and a folder for articles or pictures of projects I would like to try.....Can I still stay for dinner LOL!


  4. I love your inspiration board. I have one, I've just never put it up. I better get to it and do it.

  5. Your inspiration board is so sweet! What a great idea! And dinner sounds like it was delicious!! Thanks for stopping and visiting my Mary collection!... Donna

  6. wonderfully creative. I loveit and all your ribbons and mementos..especially baby bees art..that really is the best...I don't have an inspiration board up anymore, for I have no place to put one at this hoo...I used to keep mine in my lil studio and miss even having a place of my own to create in...that's okay though...someday when we are done here with Seminary I hope to have a house where I can have that spot. Thanks for sharing your ingenious inspiration. Hugs.Mica

  7. What a great area of pride. I have one of those boards too but it is full of awards for being the dopiest dude at the fair.

  8. I love how your beautiful quilt ended up being your inspiration board! my whole craftroom is my inspiration board. (so much STUFF!!) You have the sweetest blog!
    I hope you have a great weekend

  9. Your inspiration board is wonderful! I don't blame you for keeping it.

  10. I love the idea. The quilt is adorable.

  11. What a great way to display your inspirations! Never thought to use a quilt?? Hmmm... I may need to look into what I have at home. You've inspired me to perhaps create one of my own!


  12. What a perfect way to pin inspiration - it is absolutely marvelous - what a treasure!
    Good thing you didn't sell it!

  13. Great idea using the quilt. I'm inspired! Mimi

  14. Oh my gosh, I want one! What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing with us. :)

  15. I've seen the inspiration quilt in person, and it is amazing! My inspiration ideas are files, on the fridge, in my head! You really are very organized!

    Check out my blog - I'm back after 2 months!

  16. I am *honored* to know you saved and framed those little hearts! I didn't recognize them for a moment in their pretty frame & mat. :-)

    My inspiration board needs to be dusted off (dust is not so inspiring it seems) and re-invented now that it's Spring!

  17. Great inspiration board! an inspiration in itself!

  18. Hey Sweet Bee, I don't have an inspiration board unless you count my little spiral notebook that I keep in my purse. I whip it out whenever an idea strikes me. Thanks for visiting my blog. I saw your raised beds and how you painted them black. They look very nice painted black! We thought about painting each one of ours a different color. Maybe next year!
    Come visit again soon. Take care and have a good school week! Jane

  19. What a creative idea! I guess you'd say my inspiration board is all the various notebooks I keep. I have one for holidays, another for decorating, and others for gardening, cooking, financial ideas, etc. I'm always cutting things out of magazines or finding them on the internet. I have so many projects and ideas I'd have to live to be at least 500 years old to even put a dent in them:)

  20. Hi Janelle,
    My inspiration board is made of bright red coarse linnen with a blonde wooden frame. On this I pinned my very first handcrafted things I made at age 6 or 7: a knitted doll's cardigan, a doll's blouse all made by hand, including the little button holes, a dress made for a replica doll, my first cross stitches, etc. I love it ... You inspire me to make a picture of it and post it sometime.
    Happy day!


  21. Now, this is really terrible: I should have commented on your post first of course: absolutely wonderful! I drawl over the quilt and just love everything you have put to it. Very very inspiring.

  22. I'm so glad I saw this post!! I love every detail of it. You would get a good laugh at mine right this minute that is in the new craft room. It is naked...nutt'n on her...raw cork. I'm gonna build her up & I'll share later with ya. I do have 2 that I moved from the BRCottage and they have pics of the boys much younger and thru the years and postcards. I will hang 1 in my Master closet for sure.
    I imagine you can't wait for Summer. So very thankful for Teachers like you!!

  23. Lots of pretties on that inspiration board/quilt! I wish I had one, but I have several binders instead, bursting at the seams with magazine clippings. There's lots of stuff in them that I'd love to share, but first I think I need to straighten them out a little bit first!

  24. That's a lovely quilt and what a wonderful idea to have an inspiration board! :) Thanks for sharing.

    I'm hosting a tea sampler GIVEAWAY on my blog. Please hop over to enter if you're interested. Have a wonderful day.


  25. Janelle you should have shared this post with us for ME Monday??? I can not believe you were going to "give away" this darling quilt!!??
    I have those sparkling cherries, too and how cute your cherry drawing is from Baby Bee. I remember when you got that ribbon for your table setting at the fair. Those aprons tags were how I found Cindy's wonderful blog. Lots of memories for me there on your inspiration board.
    I don't have an inspiration board but I do keep a file on my computer with photographs of things to inspire me. It's not nearly as exciting as your darling quilt though. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  26. Oh! So you were in the apron sawp. I missed out on that one because I was busy moving.

    Well, I don't HAVE an inspiration board. :( I am inspired daily, though! Maybe my board is in my brain. ♥


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