Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Ahhhh......4th grade!

I loved 4th grade (although I did NOT love my 4th grade teacher).  I loved learning about the California Gold Rush.  I loved learning about the missions.  I loved learning about our state flag and flower and our state bird (our own California Valley Quail - I've seen them run across the country roads here in the fall).  4th grade is when my love of history began.  
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my degree is in U.S. History.  Maybe my love of vintage started then too.

Well Baby Bee came home with a special project a couple of weeks ago.  Her assignment?  Build a model of a California mission - there were 21 of them.  Well my sweet Baby Bee picked Carmel - one of the most beautiful missions in all of California - and one of the most complicated.
So for the past few days our library has been a mess of paper, cardboard, craft paints, spackle, and hot glue threads.
I found a pattern for us to use, but Baby Bee traced it out.  I cut it (sharp knives, you know).  She then spackled it to give it an adobe texture and painted it.

  Do you see how she scalloped the roof?  
That was to make it look like roof tiles.

Can you see inside? 
 We even made a spackled floor that we tried to make look like the terra cotta tile on the floor of the mission.  There are benches in there for you to sit and rest a spell.
Don't worry!  The real mission doesn't look like an earthquake just hit it.
I am proud of Baby Bee.  She definitely had more patience with the project than her mom did.  She set a good example for me.  

Best thing about the whole thing? 

Getting to spend time with my girl and seeing how grown up she's getting.  I miss that little girl I had, but I am proud of the young lady she is becoming.

Oh and she gets to be one of the class ambassadors at her Open House tomorrow night and wear her prairie girl costume from Halloween 2009.  She is so excited!

So.....I can proudly say........and Baby Bee can say.......


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  1. That's a very detailed project, congrats! Sounds like you spent some fun time together:@)

  2. good job to baby bee at first I though it was a cake.

  3. Wonderful!! So much detail!! Good job Baby Bee!! LOL, just like the above poster... I thought it was a cake when I first saw the picture. Well ...spackle... icing... probably not much difference except you can't eat it!! I remember our kids doing similar history projects... the things that make kids LOVE school!!

  4. I used to HATE projects like this when I was in school. But now that I'm older I think they look fun and actually want to help my nephew with his assignments like this.

  5. I remember my kiddos had to make a castle. I think they were studying the middle ages. Anywho, after the third one I was seriously thinking about recycling on the fourth one! I mean they all had the same 6th grade teacher and I think he retired 2 years before he actually told anybody.LOL! Well that idea didn't go over and they all made their castle...with plenty of help from Mom and Dad. My oldest son ,who is starting law school in the Fall, just let us get rid of his. You can't believe the closet space a castle takes up.:)
    Great job baby Bee and happy memories Sweet Bee!

  6. She did a great job! Good thing she had Mom to help.

  7. I love it Baby Bee! What a great job!!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Looks like the BEEs have been buzzing! Great job, both of you:)

  9. I think the mission turned out fantastic. I remember the missions we had to make. Three of them all different as my children. And it sounds like your got it done before it was due too!! Good for you both!!

  10. The Carmel mission is beautiful! Good choice! I like the roof!


  11. Great job by both Baby Bee and Mom! I love all of the details. It's clear that crafting talent runs in the family!

    What an honor to be chosen as one of her class ambassadors. It's awesome that you got to re-use the prairie girl costume for something totally new! Hope she had a great time at the open house!

    ~Mrs B

  12. aw, what a sweet post. love the "mission accomplished"!! it turned out wonderfully! A+



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