Sunday, November 1, 2009

Parade! Candy! Costumes! Oh my!

Busy times at Sweet Bee Cottage!  Our small town has an annual band festival on the last Saturday of October and..yes... it was on Halloween this year....and of course our PTC had to make the students proud, so I've been working on the float for the last few days.

Our inspiration was the Addams Family - snap! snap!

The teachers dressed up as characters from the show and we even changed the lyrics to say the Wilson Family and about how our test scores keep improving.  Super cute...BUT....I'll be okay if I never have to hear that song again.....

The students marched behind, singing the song I hope I'll never have to hear again.

As the float went down the street....

The students marched in their own little cemetery complete with tombstones and sang and sang and sang the song I hope I'll never hear again.

After walking three miles (Worker Bee's pedometer was smoking) we came back home to rest and recuperate before the fun of the evening ahead.  Pumpkins were carved, candy was unbagged (or should I say debagged?), routes were decided upon, and costumes were put back on again.

So what did Baby Bee transform into this year?
Well after a trip to Mansfield, Missouri and a visit to the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder this summer, Baby Bee (and her cousin) decided to be Prairie Girls!  The Sewing Bee's fingers worked overtime to finish their dresses, but they turned out adorable.  (You can see Cousin Bee down below.)

We bought the sun bonnets in St. Louis for all three girls, but Cutter Bee wanted to be the glamorous Hannah Montana, so Sewing Bee caught a break there.

Trick or treat,
smell my feet,
give me something good to eat!

(Remember, Sweet Bee prefers chocolate.....Milky Way Dark if possible.....)

Hope your Halloween was as sweet as ours was!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. If those Prairie Girls had come to my door, they probably would've gotten 10 pieces of candy each, for best costumes! So unique, and much better than all of those gory ones!


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