Friday, November 20, 2009


Oh Sweet Bee Cottage will be buzzin' this next week!

I have just finished parent teacher conferences, almost every test is graded and in the gradebook, lessons are planned, and charts and Promethean lessons are done!

Do I sound giddy?  I should sound giddy, because I am!

My school district is on Thanksgiving vacation!
(seriously trying not to gloat right now)

So, what's the buzz here at the cottage?

Glad you asked!

I found a source of Cricut cartridges to play with over the holiday week.....

I'm really excited to play with this one.

Maybe I'll make some banners or some stenciling or mind is racing!

I'm probably being totally unrealistic with what I can actually accomplish, but isn't half the fun the dreaming?

Can you guess why I want to use this one???

In other news, I will have a guest blogger on Sunday.  
She's eight years old and already has her own design opinions.

Can you guess who it will be?

 Be sure to come back and see what my guest blogger has in store for you.

Thanks for stopping by! 
Your visit is always a treat I look forward to.  
Your comments are treasured too.

P.S.  How do you like the new look?  
I loved the old one, but this looks more like me.


  1. HI Janelle,

    I love your new look, especially the b&w gingham ribbon detail. I'm looking forward to seeing what your guest blogger has to say! -amy

  2. I love your new background! It sounds like you're going to have alot of crafty fun, playing with your Cricut! Can't wait to hear what this guest blogger has to day!

  3. LOVE your new how you can even see the stitches in the quilts...Very cool! You should have a ball experimenting with the cricut...what a fun time...will be watching for all your fun accomplishments! Hope your weekend is going well, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...


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