Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet the Fabulous Phyllis!

Maybe I should revise my title -

Meet the Fabulous and Camera Shy Phyllis!

My lovely friend Fabulous Phyllis is an extraordinary seamstress (don't let the Sewing Bee hear me say that) who also happens to own the cutest shop in town.

Her shop is called Sawdust and Stitches.   The Stitches - obvious I hope. The Sawdust comes from all the yard sale treasures she transforms into things of beauty.  She just became a grandma for the first time so now you can even find the most adorable baby clothes and accessories in her shop.  Her husband even embroiders the cutest burp cloths out of diapers with his own power tool.

You just walk into her shop and you feel warm and welcomed.  I have just become friends with the Fabulous Phyllis by going into her shop.  Baby Bee just adores her too and has loved going into the shop since she was about two.  Baby Bee plans to work for the Fabulous Phyllis when she gets a little (a lot) older.

Okay, enough talk, here's her lovely little shop....

Too cute - cookie cutters hanging from a potrack!

She even has a vintage sink in her shop (and a vintage stove).  No dirty dishes in this sink though, just more cute Christmas dishes!

What is your favorite?

I'm partial to these little teasets. Aren't they so sweet?

Do you like the mercury glass?

It looks so pretty and vintage.

Sadly, all the baby boy pictures were just too dark.

If you're ever in Central California,
swing on through Selma and stop at Sawdust and Stitches.  I'm sure the Fabulous Phyllis would welcome your visit!

I'll do a post soon on some of the things the Fabulous Phyllis has made for Sweet Bee Cottage.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It looks like a great little shop that I would get into lots of trouble at! I always tell myself every year that I don't need anymore Christmas stuff, but I bet I would come home with a bunch of things from there!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness. I was just blog hopping and stopped to read you blog. I was thinking that I wish I could visit that shop and I can!! I live in near by Clovis. My daughter works at the hospital in Selma and we meet for lunch some times. Is that the little shop on the corner?


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