Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Sweet Bees are going on a picnic!

We are going on a little road trip and taking a picnic with us!

First, the road trip breakfast must be planned - muffins and croissants from Costco nestled in a little napkin lined basket....

Then sandwiches and other goodies must be prepared....

Of course everyone wants their own sandwich...

Oooooh! I had fun making those little labels - 
just a file sticker label, a MS decorative hole punch, a marker, and sandwiches wrapped in wax paper.  Buzzzzz!

Now time to pack everything up...

Is everybody ready to go?

Vroom.........(sound effect of car driving about 90 miles)

We're here!

C'mon everybody, have a seat!

Open it up Baby Bee!


I'll share pictures of where we went on my next post.

Thank you again for stopping by.  Your visit is always a delight!


  1. You sure know how to do a picnic right! Where in the world did you get those cherry plates? I love them, and that quilt too!
    Happy picnicking!

    P.S. I'm so glad that you added a Follower gadget. Now I won't miss a single post!

  2. The cherry plates are Mary Engelbreit and I've had them for about 7-8 years. Sad to say this was the first time I've used them. I kind of forgot I had them. They will definitely be taking road trips again!

  3. How precious - wish I could have come! :) Your pictures are lovely! You do a great job making all the details just right! Unfortunately, I'm usually lacking in the presentation department, but maybe this will inspire me to do better! I know my daughters would enjoy something like this.

  4. Your pics are lovely. I wish I could have come. I love ME and those plates are so adorable! It is all very cute.

  5. This is Donna again! I have nominated you for an award on my blog. Please visit my blog if time permits.

  6. Oh so very cute! I have wanted a MS boarder cutter and loved those labels...I have 50% off so now I will put it on my must have list. Thanks for sharing...and can I get an invite to the next, my girl, know how to picnic!


  7. Hi Janelle! I've got an award for you over at my blog! No obligation to participate, but you definitely deserve the award!
    Happy Monday!

  8. Congrats on your Kreative Blogger award!

  9. What a fun picnik! Any room for guests?

  10. In all of my 55 years I have never seen such a fun picnic....can I come next time, I could be the "visiting bee" ! :)

  11. That is so adorable! And I'm sure you and your family made wonderful memories. Very inspirational!


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