Friday, June 24, 2011

Here's My Dilemma......

As some of you might know, I've started selling vintage treasures on etsy.

I have had fun finding great items at estate sales, thrift shops, and yard sales.


I have fallen in love with a couple of items I bought with the intention to sell.

What to do?  What to do?

I'll let you look and give me your opinion.
 Do I have turquoise in my house?  Of course not!  
Do I like turquoise?  You bet!   
Do I LOVE flowers?  You bet!

But they don't go in my room or my kitchen or my bathroom or my living room! 

Well, Baby Bee is not nearly into vintage as much as her mom is, but we hope to redo her room sometime soon and turquoise is the color.  So maybe I could hang onto them for Baby Bee.

But then......
I'll want them back.  
I don't think I can let her keep them.
They will have to stay with me!
(Bad mom, bad mom.)

Here's dilemma item #2.......
Four vintage yellow trays with jadeite green stripes and a bouquet of anemones and asparagus ferns. 
Honestly, it's the stripes that are calling my heart.  I've seen plenty of trays with florals, but the stripes......the stripes.......the stripes......

Ahhhhhhhhh.  My heart is going pitter patter........
and Worker Bee keeps saying, "I was afraid this was going to happen."

What am I going to do?

What would you do?

Well, that follower odometer flipped over 500 so I'm getting ready for a big follower appreciation giveaway!  Hope you'll come back soon to check it out.


  1. Have you considered an addition to the house? A small office perhaps?? :o)

    I will be having my One Year Blogiversary on Tuesday and there will be a big giveaway!

  2. I would just keep it all. I'm greedy like that.:)

  3. Keep them for a bit and when or if you get tired of them sell them ;) Yay! I'm on summer vacation!! Woohoo!!! (Doing happy teacher dance!)

  4. Keep them!! Later you will decorate around them!!

  5. I say keep them for a while and revisit in a few months. Enjoy them while you have them. Once you sell them, they are gone for good.

  6. Keep! You can always put them on sale later. I have either passed by, given away, or sold things I really regret because I didn't think long enogh about keeping...

  7. I would keep them! I Love them too....I hear them too...(I don't have turquoise in my house either but....) But...did you change anything since April? You have the green wear that goes very nicely..and the vintage napkins and table cloth....I would trade out a few pieces that really don't match..maybe a green that doesn't match, but turquoise is nice with red, and yellow..and blue too...

  8. I agree with everyone who said to keep them for now and decide in a few months...or a few years. If you sell them you might regret it. Your new blog design is so cute!!
    Have a fun weekend Janelle~

  9. KEEP EM' that was easy!! LOL LOL

    BTW....won't be anywhere near your area this time....but perhaps in the never know.

    Hugs sweet lady,


  10. I am going to be no help at all -- hanging one to stuff is one of my biggest problems, lol. Both are fabulous finds :)


  11. I would keep them. I love them all. Especially the flower pictures. The trays are beautiful too. I have seen some trays I love but couldn't figure out what I would do with them . . . yet!

  12. I'd keep them! I guess that's why my own little idea of an Etsy store will never get off the ground! Once I pick something like this up... I just want to keep it all for myself ;)


    PS I've never seen stripes on trays like that either... and those trays make fabulous "magnetic" message boards...

  13. Those would look so good in my vintage green bedroom I am doing up right now. Just re-do a room like I do when I find some crazy inspiration. If you love them you should hang onto them or you will always wish you had. I think the pictures and trays are so cool. I am finding myself more into vintage all the time. So cheery.

  14. It is hard to part with pretty things. Maybe you could sell something else and keep these?

  15. I say, KEEP, KEEP, KEEP! However, I am a bad one to ask. I love turquoise. I have used it with red and green in my kitchen and family room. Even painted my island and fan hood turquoise. The trays are too unique to part with. I too love that stripe! Maybe baby bee could borrow those pictures for just a while.

  16. I would keep those pretty things. I just bought some pretty metal trays at our neighbor's yard sale and gave them a coat of spray varnish. Now, I think I will use them on the back porch.

  17. I know I would have the same problem!!!

    Your treasures are lovely.

    Thank you for visiting me the other your blog!!!

  18. I think any of us bloggers will say the same thing, we all LOVE vintage flower pictures. They are really lovely. I could easier part with the trays. Keep now-sell later.

  19. Hi Sweet Bee,

    You know, just keeping the pictures and putting them aside and from time to time looking at them brings you joy. You could also hang them in the garage? Or maybe you have a hot house or something like it?
    The trays do not appeal to me at all, they give me an unpleasant '50s feeling somehow ...
    Sometimes you have to be brave though, talk to yourself and say: now, why did I get these for?!, so sell.
    It is up to you, but you can make the decision. Whatever the choice: they brought you joy and inspired you.
    Happy weekend!

  20. PS: turquoise is a colour that goes with everything, is my opinion.

  21. Hi there, I'm your newest Follower! Thank you for visiting my blog.

    I'm licensed to teach technology and library! Don't worry about those prepositions, fragments etc., LOL! However, I'm currently unemployed :-( stupid economy!

    Love your blog, I've really enjoyed what I've read so far. I especially like your wicker chairs! Beautiful pillows too! The plates outside are great also. I agree, who doesn't like a picket fence!

    I enjoyed my visit today, I love company and new Friends are always welcome!

  22. Keep what you love! It's my motto. Sometimes I buy something to sell but it calls to me to keep it and I do. Sometimes after awhile I am then ready to let it go. Don't live with regrets, keep them until you are ready to let them go. Of course it's why my house is a storage unit but hey I'm happy!! hugs, Linda

    Oh and congrats on going over 500 followers!!

  23. They're calling YOUR name!

    Pocketful of joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  24. Back with an answer about the Clome plant-I purchased it as a transplant. My daughter is a third grade teacher too, my grands will be in 4th and 2nd.

  25. I don't think I have seen all white delphiniums...but that must be beautiful! btw, I love your blog in red, white & blue. Just so so pretty!

  26. Keep them! If they touch your heart, they are meant for you.


  27. Well, they would look awfully nice in MY house! But, seriously, if you love them you should keep them. If you don't, it will just prey on the edges of your mind constantly and you'll think, "I should have kept them . . ." I've learned from sad experience that if my heart calls for something I should get it if I can, because when I don't I always regret it.

  28. Congratulations on 500 followers!!!
    Now I'll get right down to business, easy solution, you keep those vintage pieces for yourself. :))) The pictures especially are too pretty to give up, stash them under your bed, keep them in hiding so you'll feel like you sold them already. Hope this helps works for me alot. ;D
    Happy Saturday,

  29. How about a certain percentage of what you find - if you love it you keep? Later you can always change your mind!

  30. Oh-my-gosh. Those are so awesome! I just did a mini-makeover today in my bedroom with those colors (will post pics soon). Who says they have to go in a bedroom? I have a medium frame of my favorite hydrangeas on the counter in my powder room to enjoy everytime hands need washing. Or how about somewhere near the computer to enjoy often? You should definitely keep those! Very pretty.

  31. Oh Dear... that is a dilemma... Sorry I can't help you... I would probably have to keep them... :)


  32. I would be the same way. I could find a home for all of those pretties at my house!

  33. I think keeping a few cute things is one of the perks of buying and selling, you know as soon as you sellthese you'll think of how you could have used them!

  34. Well, I think that you may just need to start adding some of those gorgeous colors into your home - love the teal!


  35. I Would say, keep 1 tray for yourself, and sell the others on Etsy and keep 1 print for yourself as well and sell the other. A compromise if you will...
    All of it is just divine!

  36. Oh my the vintage yellow trays... I love. I have a red and turqoise on my kitchen wall. I adore them.. How fun for you.


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