Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Are Those On That House?

Did something today I've wanted to do for a looooooong time!

Can you tell from this picture what I did?  

Or this picture?

Bet you can tell now!
Do you think the neighbors will be scandalized?

I know they weren't thrilled when we put up our picket fence! 
(How can you not love and adore picket fences?  I mean, c'mon people!)

But so what?  
Did I hurt anybody by hanging vintage plates on the OUTSIDE of my house?
Will it bring down property values?
Heck, it might even raise them when people see the cuteness going on at Sweet Bee Cottage!

But bottom line, I know I'm going to have a big ol' grin on my face when I pull up and see those hanging on the front of my house and it is so worth it!

Oh, and while I was out there, I replanted my three-tiered planter.
Can you guess what my theme was?

Now can you tell?
Well, just in case my picture doesn't make it clear......

red dianthus on top
white alyssum in the middle
blue lobelia on the bottom!
All for the 4th of July!

Well thank you so much for buzzing by today!
I'm so delighted to see you.

Hope you can buzz on by and see the fun over at Cindy's for
I know I'll be seeing all the sweet things all those talented bloggers have to share.

Hope you can come back soon.
I'm working on making some blackberry syrup to add to our lemonade for your next visit.  Doesn't that sound yumptious?

And I found some new to me parties to join today too.

Have you been to

Or how about

Time for this little bee to buzz on over there!
Wanna' come with?


  1. I love the plates! I saw a house in New Orleans with the house #'s on plates! It was so adorable. I can't pull it off because my #'s are on my mailbox...darn.:) Great look on your sweet cottage.
    PS Love the patriotic plants too.:)

  2. Those plates are such a cute idea. I can't believe your neighbours did not like a picket fence!

  3. I don't blame you for hanging those plates! They are just so cute!

  4. I would sooooooooo hang plates on the outside wall! Heck! I think that it would class our neighborhood up! :)

    Very CUTE! :)


  5. How CUTE! I predict you will start a trend):-

  6. I love plates on a wall so why not on the outside walls! they look great! Love the red, white & blue planter. hugs, Linda

  7. Your house. Seems to me plates on the house is a whole lot better than someone doing NOTHING! So enjoy...I think it is cute!

  8. Oh, very adorable those plates in the outside wall of your house! Who cares what the neighbors say?! The three tier is great, I love it! Hugs, FABBY

  9. Very ADoraBlE!!! Love the plates on the outside. How do you have them attached so they won't fall off? Must be fun being your neighbor.

  10. I think it is darling and genius! Who cares about the neighbors, bet their houses are really boring! Yep, I got the red white and blue....cute. I see you are missing your followers too, blogger must be having problems again!


  11. I really enjoyed reading your blog - you have lots of great ideas. I love the plates on the outside of the house.

    Come by and visit me at Home in Douglas!

  12. I LOVE the plates idea! I just might need HOA approval in my neighborhood for that. Wouldn't it be awesome to find out if someone sends me a letter of complaint? Just like your sweet fence...c'mon people---GET A LIFE!

  13. What a great idea! Love the plates on the outside of your home..those are beautiful! Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh neighbors-schmeighbors!!! I think your cherry plates look gorgeous!! What a cute idea!.. Have a great weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  15. what a great idea! I love the plates ans your plant holder is very cute!

  16. Wish I could do that but i don't have a place protected. Love the red white blue topiary. Clever

  17. How could anyone object to a picket fence? I have one right in front. Well, if they don't like the fence they probably won't love what you have done know, but who cares?
    I think it is adorable. Keep up the good work. Maybe you should put some big pink flamingos up if they really get annoying, would serve them right!

  18. the plates are delightful...keep it coming...even if your neighbors don't approve!!! Mica

  19. I think it looks fabulous! I have a plate hanging on my potting bench. One of my girlfriends (who is not into gardening) thought it was weird. Doesn't bother me because I love it. :)

  20. I love your plates hanging on the outside of your house. I might just steal your idea. And how clever of you to do a red, white, and blue planting!

  21. Cute idea with the plates, and I love that 3 tiered red, white, and blue theme! Thanks for sharing the inspiration at VIF, xo Debra

  22. I really like the plate idea! Never would have thought of that one. And who can resist a red, white and blue themed planting? Not me :)


    PS I'll be sure to be back for that blackberry syrup and lemondade!

  23. Your house is so sweet! Your fence is wonderful. I'm sure you have many neighbors who love it! Hugs Maryjane from Storybook Cottage

  24. I love it!! I should do something like that too. I love to be scandalous. LOL

  25. What a sweet post and I love the planter. Real unique for the upcoming holidays. Inspires me to do something more for July 4th.
    Have a nice weekend

  26. Blackberry syrup sound yummy!

  27. Well, I think your plates are just darling and I would be thrilled if I was your neighbor! :-) Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday!

  28. Okay....I agree! What kind of people are against picket fences???...and certainly no one would be against vintage plates (especially ones with cherries)... I love them and your 4th of July planting too:)

  29. What a great idea, plates on the outside...I LOVE IT !

  30. I adore plates anywhere, even in the bathroom! Great idea to take them outdoors. I need more neighbors like you, to make my street more interesting! :)

  31. Hi there! I'm so very happy you stopped by! I see you buzz...I putter... :) I've just recently moved into an apartment and I've been trying to get my place in shape so I can take some pcs to post. It's taking some time. I'm going to love visiting your blog. I'll be back often. Hugs Patti

  32. I love the plates...and picket fences..I would love being your neighbor. I have a few decorations too on the outside of my home. In-fact I was going to post them this week and my camera would not down load, so tonight I'm stopping off at the camera store before I go home from work. I can't live without my camera LOL.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs..
    Your home looks lovely!

  33. I think your added decor is fabulous! ANd I LOVE the red, white and blue~ patriotic true theme. I salute you!

  34. I think your plates on your house is whimsical! Your planter is beautiful, enjoy how creative you are...
    Have a great week,
    Hugs Rosemary...X


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