Monday, June 27, 2011

One Dilemma Solved and a "That's Good Enough" Tutorial

You guys are awesome!
You gave some excellent advice on those two items I couldn't quite decide to sell.

I'm definitely keeping the two floral prints.

Let me show you what I did with them......
Want a close-up?
Still not close enough?
Not placed quite perfectly yet, but since I'm painting, it will do for now.

I like it with the green of the back of the bookcases, but I'm going to be painting those this week.

And now for the "That's Good Enough" Tutorial.

I have the best (in my opinion) all weather wicker chairs ever!  I love them!  They are so comfortable.  We bought them at Target about four years ago on clearance.  Why am I giving you all this information?  Background!  (Teachers know the more background knowledge you have  - generally speaking of course - the better you do in school.)

Well, this year, the seat cushions were shot!  I mean literally, they looked like someone shot at them.

We actually think a Mr. Sam Cat and a Miss Brody Cat and the neighborhood cats might have partied a little too hard on them.  See?

Well, I really wanted to sew a slipcover for them out of those drop cloths everybody raves about.

Talked my plan over with my two favorite seamstresses, the Fabulous Phyllis (owner of Sawdust and Stitches) and the Sewing Bee (my mom) and it started to get complicated.  It moved waaaaaay beyond my sewing skills (which are pretty much nonexistent) and Sewing Bee doesn't really have time to help me with it right now and the Fabulous Phyllis is pretty busy too.

(and you all know this is the real reason)
 I wanted them done right NOW!  
(picture me stamping my foot and holding my breath)

So here are your supplies:
duct tape
scissors (that are sharp enough for cutting fabric)
canvas drop cloth (I bought two 6' x 9' for four cushions)

1.  Don't clean the cushions.  Why bother?  You're just going to cover them with canvas and duct tape.  (That's the best part of a That's Good Enough tutorial.)

2.  Cut a square or rectangle that gives you about 12" around all the edges. Great thing about these drop cloths is you can just start the cut and then tear the rest of the length.  This gives you a nice straight edge - definitely straighter than I could have cut it.
3.  Wrap the front and back of the cushion snugly.  Tape to the old cushion.

4.  Wrap the sides like a present.  This took some finagling to settle the bulk of all the fabric into some nice folds, but it was worth the time.  Tape down like you would a present with wrapping paper.

5.  Flip over (and promise to never flip them over to the other side) and settle them into the BEST patio chairs ever.

6.  Place your cute (but slightly sun-faded) pillows back on the chair and relax.  Enjoy a coffee or a cocktail or, in my case, a nice cold glass of iced tea.
Welcome to the end of my "That's Good Enough" tutorial.
I'll let you know how they survive the summer and early fall.

And, in the meantime, please enjoy a few pictures of my little patio.
 Just found the milk glass jars in my garage stash.

Thank you for buzzing in today!  It's always a treat to see you.

Still working on that 500 follower giveaway.  I do hate to be a tease, but I want it to be really nice for you.

All right - you got me - I LOVE to be a tease!  I was born a teaser - so here's a sneak peek.......
And c'mon back!  I'll make you a peach iced tea!  And I'm not teasing about that!


  1. That slipcover looks great. Can't even tell. Toss when done right? That is my sewing speed as I cannot sew. Love the color you picked. I am big into those blues and greens right now with splashes of red.

  2. Good for you on keeping the pictures. Love your "good enough" tutorial!! I'm a big fan of "good enough" parenting, homeschooling, living, etc. My sewing skills are pretty much nil also, which is really making a problem with my desire to recover some things. I have an upholstered chair in the den that I covered the seat cushion with a twin size quilt from Target -- just folded under, no duct tape, but similar caution about flipping the cushion.

    I have an antique wicker daybed in the screen porch with no cushion at all and I've been stymied because it's a non-standard size (can't use a mattress, no cushions seem to fit) -- but maybe I can just cut some foam and use your technique.

  3. Love the Summer Pool blue! Great color!
    The chair cushion covers would work for me! I've done that with a chair in the house before. Didn't have the time to sew it, so I covered it and used safety pins to fasten it to the back. It's been like that ever since!

  4. Woo hoo! You have accessed my prior knowledge of sun damage, wicker, and all thinks that have to do with sewing and tape. :)

    Your chairs look fabulous. I love that you taped them. That's exactly my speed too.

  5. Hi Sweet Bee-I'm a new follower! And I have to tell you that is definitely my kind of upholstering for sure!!
    The "summer pool" color will look great with the floral pictures. I have a perfect third one to match, if you just want to drop by and pick it up!
    Lovely, lovely blog-I'll be back!

  6. Good Enough makes sense to me. I, too, wanted a slipcover for a wing chair but I don't sew. I improvised with a queen sized flat sheet and I like the way it came's good enough for my craft studio. Love the new color for the backs of the'll look super!
    Have a great week Janelle!

  7. They look fabulous! And if they only make it a few months, simply open the present and rewrap it!

  8. Hmmmm hah! 'Summer pool' .... you see?! Turquoise is slowly entering your house ..
    And a question? You seem to be painting FOREVER, sleeping with the paint brush in your hand and the paint jar next to your bed? I laugh!
    Janelle, now sincerely: just a dash of new paint here or there makes all the difference, fresh and new!
    Happy day and I am sure this painting will make you unwind from the busy school year.

  9. I'm totally into teal right now! Such a fun and brigh color. Thanks for stopping by on my blog!! Who knew that I was a "next blog"!

  10. Your chairs look very inviting and that was a good tutorial. Even the faint of heart could make summer magic happen with your tutorial. love your bunny in the garden and I love libraries. The floral pictures look so nice...pretty as a picture.

  11. Well, everything looks "good enough" to me. I loooove your chairs.

  12. Hi there Busy little Bee! :)
    I'm your newest follower! You have an adorable blog that just welcomed me right in. I'm looking forward to searching around it a bit more to see what cute ideas you have! Blessings!

  13. I like your "That's good enough" tutorial. I do a lot of that in my home.

  14. I think the pictures look great, I've always wanted to have a wall of bookshelves and I love the look of pictures hung on them!
    I like the good enough chair covers too. Why stress over them? They look great and they will be easy to pull off and throw in the wash if you need to. More time to enjoy summer and less time making the chairs over:>) Win win.

  15. Thank you for visiting me the other day...your ideas are amazing. xo

  16. Your "Thats Good Enough" solution for covering the outdoor chair cushions is genius, dear! It didn't take long, looks great, and buys you all the time you need.
    Your patio looks wonderful! That little sneak peak looks wonderful!!! I"ll be back for that peach tea!

  17. They look great! I have been wanting to make something out of drop cloths too.
    Can you believe this rain? Crazy huh?

  18. Hi Sweet Bee,
    It has been a few weeks since I buzzed in and when I came by, you had a totally new blog header! Looks great.Love the good enough tutorial. Looks like the perfect seat to sip on that peach ice tea. Are you sure you're not Southern? Can't wait to see your bookcases after you finish painting!

  19. Sweet Bee, you are a genius, girl! I love the "that's good enough" tutorial. That is my kind of DIY! Where was this duct-tape-and-promises concept when I was recovering a rocking chair for my bedroom last winter using nothing but fabric remnants and a bagel knife? (Don't ask. It was ugly.) Your chairs look mah-velous, dahling! :) ~Stephanie from Buttermilk Hill

  20. HE HE! This is so me! :) I love it. Congrats on the 500...I just made it past 400...and 400 posts awhile ago. I am still lingering on how to celebrate. I need a great give away idea. :) Yours will be Fab I know! :)


  21. I love what you did with your gorgeous prints! They are perfect on the bookcase! Doesn't Martha Stewart have the best colors ever? Even the can is beautiful! LOL!

  22. The slip covers are adorable! The duct tape, genius. So many uses for duct tape. My grandson made his daddy a duct tape wallet for fathers day. You are so cleaver.

  23. Your slip covers turned out great! Thank goodness for duct tape!
    You have a cute blog! Love all your Bee Peeps! :) Thanks for the comment on my burlap wreath! And for following...returned the love!

  24. Bee, this is very much like me. Love it. Love the color you chose too. I do the same with some chairs--non sewer here too.

    Love your header. Cute.

    Hope you can join us at my place for the White Christmas in July Blog Party later this month. I'm sure you'd share something wonderful.

    Enjoy your 4th.

  25. I loved that tutorial! Now, why didn't I think of that?? I love your blog and I'm looking forward to visiting often!

  26. Happy I found you (I'm part of the Traveling Friendship Bag tour) and look forward to following your future posts! I mentioned your blog and included a link:

    Happy 4th of July!

  27. Your slipcover idea is just what I need - 2 chairs in the backyard need help bad! It's amazing what you can do with duct tape!!

    Hope to see you soon - for blogging!

  28. Love the That's Good Enough slipcovers for your cushions. This is my kind of upholstery!

    Your bookcases are great. I do like the addition of those prints, too. That's a big job repainting the backs. You are making good use of your summer.

    Peach iced tea sounds delicious to me. Your patio is a lovely place to enjoy a glass.

  29. That's Good Enough, love it! it goes with the Ten Step Rule. if it looks good at ten feet, it's good enough.

    Give away?!

  30. You did a great job on the seat! I have a few I need to cover! Thanks for the idea! Pretty patio!


  31. Your seat covers look great - love the new color for your wall, too!

  32. Love your "good enough" tutorials! And the slipcover looks great!

  33. I've just stumbled upon your blog and all I can say is "Wow" I love your style, your book case and rosey pictures have me drooling, love your garden and how you recovered your chairs ! Hope you can find time to stop by my blog... I am now happily following yours xx Ava


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