Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sadie Mae's Visit to Sweet Bee Cottage

Have you met Sadie Mae? 

Sadie has been out traveling the country and she came to visit me too in the Great Central Valley.

But poor, poor, Sadie!  Did she get to see some of the beautiful sites so close by?  Like Yosemite


Kings Canyon National Park?  Or visit one of the fabulous fruit stands 

studded all over our farming country? Of course not, because poor Sadie Mae arrived the week I was setting up my classroom and my mom was moving into her little cottage from the home she lived in for over 25 years.  Yikes!  Poor Sadie went from my classroom to my mom's house to sleep to my classroom to my mom's house and to sleep.  (But did I get any pictures of us packing my mom's house?  Of course not.  Did I get pictures of Sadie Mae resting at Sweet Bee Cottage?  Of course not.)

But this is what Miss Sadie Mae got to enjoy with me.

Here she is taking a break on my reading chair.  See all those cords?  I just got a Smart Board for my classroom.  It is wicked awesome!  Although I do miss some things from my old Promethean board.  Oh and do you see how I used my lime green duct tape to put that yellow Mary Engelbreit fabric on the computer desk?  I keep planning to paint that desk in a cute Mary E. way, but I always run out of time before school starts.  So, I just had to finally do something that made it look a wee bit cuter.  Don't you think the lime goes well with the yellow?  (Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings if you think it looks just awful.)  Maybe I can get it done over Thanksgiving or Winter Break.
And there she is just trying to help me get my desk organized.  Notice the Mary E. fried egg flowers on the desk?  I made those about 7-8 years ago with construction paper.  I laminated them and put magnets on the back and - voila - a Mary Engelbreit desk!  Sadly, my desk still kind of looks like this.  Gotta' work on that.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get it straightened up.

Doesn't Sadie Mae look like she should just stay here in my class?  She'd fit right in! Mary E. key ring, Mary E. fan, Mary E. tins, Mary E. boxes, Mary E. books, Mary E. pictures.....
But then again, Sadie Mae would just blend into the background if she stayed with me - she is so special she should stand on her own.

Want to know more about Miss Sadie Mae?  

Then, please, go visit my friend Cindy at Rick-Rack and Gingham!  She has a wonderful blog full of positive inspiration and she is such a friendly soul.  She is a bloggy treasure! 

And thank you for buzzing in.  It's a treat to see you!

And guess what?  My birthday is coming up so I feel another giveaway coming on.  

With honey,


  1. Best Wishes for a very good school year! Looks like you're off to a good start, with Sadie Mae's help, of course!

  2. OK,,, Sadie Mae... you named your tote.I thought I was the only person who names things. I named my walking shoes. The green duct tape, perfect accent to your ME stuff. I am sure that Sadie Mae helps "carry" your load.
    I am ready for another great give away.

  3. I've missed you. You're such a busy bee.

  4. Life has a way of just getting so busy. Your classroom looks so cute a warm and inviting.

  5. So glad to see Sadie Mae surface again. She was probably thrilled to be out of the trunk. (Hah, I think you understand what I mean, at least I hope). You must be a special needs teacher. So is my son. I am actualy watching an
    Autistic 13 year old at this very moment.
    It looks like Sadie Mae does fit right it. Love your fried egg flowers.
    It is so hard moving parents out of their lifelong homes. Good luck.

  6. Miss Sadie Mae looks like she's in charge! Hehe. You are going to love your SMARTboard! Before I retired, I was heavily into them. I have never used the Promethean boards. What exactly do you teach?

  7. Miss Sadie is perfect in your classroom! She got some good internship there, did she not? Maybe she will make a good teacher someday. Miss Sadie Mae is with me now...the scotties LOVE her!!!
    Your class is adorable...and I knew it would be!!!



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