Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where I Was...

Our little family has talked a lot of 9/11 the past few days.  Baby Bee does not remember it.  She was only 6 months old on that day.

It was a normal work day for our family.  Worker Bee had already left for his office (he had to be there by 5 AM our time) and I always fed Baby Bee around 5:30 and then put her down for a short sleep while I finished getting ready for the day.   I usually turned on the local news to watch while I fed her.  The local news folk started talking about a plane hitting the World Trade Center.  All I could imagine was some small plane going horribly off course - I couldn't even conceive of a large plane being that far off course.  At that point, they started showing footage, but I still couldn't tell that a large plane had made that first impact.

I called Worker Bee on the phone and told him about the crash.  We speculated as to what might have caused this horrible accident.  As we talked and Baby Bee took her bottle the unimaginable happened......a second plane flew into the other tower.  Even at that point, all I could think was that something horrible must have happened to air traffic control to send these planes so off course that they would crash into the World Trade Center buildings.  

And then.....I realized.  These crashes were deliberate.  We had been attacked.

And my heart ached.  My heart ached for all those lost.  My heart ached for the blow to our country.  And most of all, my heart ached for my sweet little baby girl that would grow up in a world where things like this could happen.  

And yet.....out of that tragedy we went on.  We had to.  What choice did we have.  But we will never forget.  And I won't let Baby Bee forget either.  

We are too strong to let them win.  Ever.  
God Bless America,

(vintage postcard image courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts)


  1. Amen....prayer & vigilance! (love the new header, by the way)

  2. I will never forget...that day all the world changed.... God bless you and USA, hugs, Flavia

  3. I think no one will forget....It was after lunch in the UK when I first heard about it and switched the TV on, terrible.

    Take care USA, we've been thinking of you all.

  4. As a teacher, I'm sure you'll relate to this. We were having a half day of school. The students had already been dismissed around 11:30 before we knew anything had happened. An announcement told us to turn on our TVs at school. That's how we found out. The next day the students wanted to know why this had happened. For the first time, I was lacking an explanation. I think it is extremely important for you to teach Baby Bee about this event.

  5. My own daughter was only 4 months old at that time, so I can relate. She was very interested in the event, now that she is 10. She told me, even though she was just an infant when it happened, she was happy that she was alive, if only to be able to repeat the story that she was a baby when this horrific event occured. Unlike her younger brother, who wasn't even born yet. :) Funny, how children can relate to things!


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