Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas Tradition

What are some of your Christmas traditions?  Ones that you really treasure?

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is when Reader Bee and Cutter Bee (my nieces) come over to our house and decorate gingerbread Christmas trees with Baby Bee.
Reader Bee (she's 12) has always taken the task very seriously and does a beautiful job.

Cutter Bee (she's 9) really focused and kept working on it until she was happy with it.  She even kept working after the other two had gone on to other things.

Now Baby Bee (she's 10) and hers leaned a little, but she had a lot of fun decorating it.  (That Baby Bee is all about having fun no matter what you do.) (She also wants me to tell you that the decorating didn't quite go as she had it planned in her mind.)

Baby Bee's finished tree!

Reader Bee's finished tree!

And Cutter Bee's finished tree!
Oh....and I'll let you in on a little secret.  I always buy the gingerbread kits AFTER Christmas for 50% off or more and then keep them for the next Christmas.  I store them in our hall closet until it's time for the annual decorating event.

Merry Christmas!


  1. A lovely tradition. All of their trees look adorable, and they should be proud!

  2. What a wonderful tradition! You're a good Aunt! Wishing you the merriest of Christmases:)


  3. what a wonderful project. Looks like the kids had fun. We always bought the gingerbread house kits after christmas too. Now that she is married she is doing it with her little baby.
    Merry Christmas

  4. How fun! I love traditions at the holidays... my kids always looked forward to our traditions!

    And buying the gingerbread kits in advance... what a great idea! Of course, I'd probably forget where I stashed them when the time came ;)


  5. They look wonderful -- and most importantly of course, it looks like all had a wonderful time! Hoping all the bees have a merry and sweet Christmas!

  6. Awww, they are all so fabulous- but I like Baby Bees the bestest:)

    Happy Holidays to all you Bees!

  7. Thanks everyone for saying that us little bee's trees are cute!!! We all enjoyed making them.


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