Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some Christmas Gifts from Some Dear Bees!

The other day I shared with you what I made for the Singing Bee and the More Creative Bee.  Now let me show you a couple of treasures they gave me for Christmas.

Now the More Creative Bee certainly deserves her name.  Wait till you see this......
She found these in a thrift store and
 handpainted them - all of them!  
Aren't they adorable???
Where she found ice skates is beyond me.  We're not exactly a hotbed of figure skating here in Central California.  

She painted snowmen all over these skates for the Singing Bee.  We BOTH loved them.  
Now you know why her name is so well-deserved!

Now the Singing Bee noticed how much I loved these little placards when we spent the day shopping together.  I almost bought them for myself, but I didn't and she went back and got these for me.
The window was cleaned earlier this year - honestly! With so little rain, how did it get so dirty???
Aren't they cute?
I can use them for placecards or I can use them on a buffet or I can just write a message for you.

Thank you so much More Creative Bee and Singing Bee!

And thank you so much for buzzing in!
Want to know what I'm making for dinner tonight?
Found this great magazine....
and we're trying Barbecue Chili.  Beans, ground beef, and a homemade barbecue sauce all in the crockpot.  Oh yes - a bacon garnish - what's not to love?


  1. Sweet gifts! Love the ice skates they look very Mary Engelbreit.Definatly soup weather here in PA today.I'm makeing a creamy chicken and wild rice that I found on another blog and bought some fresh pretzel rolls to make some bread bowls.Yummm.Hope you have a blessed New Year!~Amy

  2. Your Chili sounds Yummy! I absolutely love those gorgeous ice skates. What creativity.!!

  3. Those skates are unbelievably beautiful! Such talent and what a wonderful friend! Your soup sounds awesome, too. Funny I stopped here today, because we're having homemade chili leftovers tonight!

  4. Those skates are so stinkin' cute! You'll have to let us know how that magazine is, because I could just live on soup!
    Wishing the Bee family good health, happiness and prosperity in 2012!

  5. Love soup and it's a soupy day here in MA. It feels like winter finally! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  6. Creative Bee was well-named! Both pair of skates are just adorable. And your other gift is so cute, too. Thanks for sharing the SOUP magazine. I love all kinds of soup in the winter.

  7. Oh what darling skates and placards! Your girls know you so well:>)

  8. You are quite loved! And I want some of that soup.

  9. The skates are the cutest things ever!! What treasures :) Looks like you were a good girl this year!
    Big Hugs,

  10. The Bees are very good at picking and making gifts.
    Soups is perfect for the cold weather we're getting here!

  11. Those skates are awesome! Creative Bee is a perfect an e for her!

  12. Those skates are totally amazing!

  13. Those skates are the most darling thing ever. How very creative. Have a wonderful New Years and here's to many blessings for your family in 2012.

  14. The ice skates,,, adorable. The chalk board placecards...wayyyyyyy too cute, I am a sucker for anything chalkboardish. A very creative Bee girl you have.

  15. The ice skates,,, adorable. The chalk board placecards...wayyyyyyy too cute, I am a sucker for anything chalkboardish. A very creative Bee girl you have.


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