Friday, December 2, 2011

Light Up the NIght, Candy Cane Cottage!

In my little world, I like to think of things becoming magically transformed.......

I love giving nicknames to inanimate objects..............

And I like to call my snug little house Candy Cane Cottage at Christmas time.
You can see the before on my sidebar.

Can you guess why???
Hope your holidays are sweet!

Wait! Baby Bee!  
Those candy canes aren't for eating!
Silly girl!

With honey,

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  1. Dear Sweet Bee,

    You caught me that time! But have you noticed that every year the candy canes are getting smaller? I at least lick the candy canes 100 times every year. And if you ever want to like the candy canes hears what they taste like: the red candy canes in the front taste minty, the red candy cane tree taste like cinnamon, the green candy canes on the side taste spearminty. Those are the flavors of the candy canes. Also have you noticed that I am getting very giddy at night? BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Baby Bee

  2. Baby Bee?

    You are hilarious and you didn't buzz too far from the hive.

    I love you!

    Mommy aka Sweet Bee

  3. silly baby bee...has to have something sweet...I love it...what a fun candy cane cottage it is. It looks sweet I too can take a nibble. Thanks for sharing...Hope all is weel over there...Hugs,Mica

  4. the dear comment from your Baby Bee...CUTE.

  5. I love all the candy canes marching along your picket fence! It reminds me of Babes in Toyland!


  6. So cute! You and Baby Bee make a great team. I do read the comments you know.

  7. No doubt about your love of candy canes. I really like all the ways you are using them.

  8. Oh! I knew your house would be cute at Christmas!! >Love the comment from Baby B too. She is a sweetie for sure. And YES,,,lets do something this Christmas vacation.

  9. Very cute! We do candy canes and snow flakes for our house, but we may not put much up outside this year as we might (if insurance will cover!) be getting a new roof -- or at least be getting some roof patching done in the next couple of weeks -- boohoo on several counts.

    I love the candy cane tree -- did you make that from a tomato cage?

  10. Love your Candy Cane decorations! What a great Christmas Spirit you have!

  11. Very pretty!

    Pink with Puzzle time, looking forward to see you when you get a chance. Thank you!

  12. Candy Cane Cottage is looking so sweet!

  13. You sure your not located at the North Pole? Because Santa doesn't have anything on you Bees!

  14. Great decorations....I am sure people drive by and smile!


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