Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Is in the Air

Oh my stars!  Where has the time gone?  Can it really be almost two weeks since my last post?  Really?  

Shame on me, I haven't even posted a winner for my giveaway.  I keep thinking about some person who is almost completely organized, but isn't quite finished because they are waiting to find out if they won those cute Cath Kidston labels.  Well......wait no more.........#50?  Melanie from Country Cottage Living?  C'mon on down!  You're the lucky winner!  

Now, on to why I'm feelin' the love!

Have you met Chris from Perfectly Printed?  She lives very near the town where my Worker Bee grew up and she has a delightful blog.  Well, out of the blue, she emailed me that she had a couple things she thought I might enjoy.  I kind of forgot about it, but on Friday I found a little box waiting on my front steps.  

Inside was the cutest vintage valentine and one of the prettiest Depression Glass teacups I've ever seen.  

I know I will be using this for a nice quiet afternoon spot of tea.  Don't worry, I'll share pics with you! 

So at that point my heart was feeling all know that feeling you get when someone does something nice for you totally out of the blue?

Then, my mom, the Sewing Bee, picked up the cutest dish towels for me.  She's been eyeing them for a long time (years, in fact) at the small town pharmacy she works at and finally took the plunge and picked them up for me.   And now my heart was feeling more mushy.

Now isn't she a sweetie?

And she helped me with sewing the apron I made for an apron swap.....
Sorry - haven't been home during the daylight to take a picture!
 Frankly, mom helped sew the hardest parts.  Sadly, I didn't get a good picture before I sent it off in the mail.
This isn't quite Valentine's Day fabric, but I didn't like what I could find and it had bees on it.  How could I resist???  I also stitched these buttons around one of the hearts.

Which brings me to the adorable apron (and coffee) that Sue sent me from Country Pleasures for the apron swap. 
Thank you Baby Bee for modeling it for me.

And then, my dear friend, the Fabulous Phyllis, dropped off a little red bag on my porch Saturday.  (That little porch sure has been busy!)  Would you look at the cute kitchen towel she made?  More bees!!!  

And she had this cute little jar filled with vintage sewing notions.  

So my heart is a mushy mess now.  
But I love it!  
And I feel loved!!!!!!!

I hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day!  

And thank you so much for buzzing by for a visit!  I'll have lots to share about Baby Bee's room and her upcoming birthday party soon!  


  1. Nice goodies! And congrats to the winner!

  2. Well, no wonder you haven't been posting, you have been busy opening packages!! I love all your goodies, both aprons are so sweet and I love the little towels. How lucky can a person bee?!


  3. that is one wonderful valentines.
    love the dish towels and the aprons.

  4. The green depression glass, the cute bee kitchen towels, the darling valentine and apron.. You must be loved....Happy Valentines Day.

  5. Wow, did you ever rate with some great gifts!
    That's because you are such a "Sweet" Bee!
    Happy V'Day!

  6. You are loved, Girlie!! At least you can keep up w/swaps. Maybe I can get back to them. Let me knoe if you have a cute idea...maybe a bee swap or beagles or bunnies. Lol


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