Monday, January 30, 2012

Will the Project Ideas Never End?

And will I actually get something done?

Hit a thrift store after Baby Bee's basketball game Saturday afternoon and picked up a few items to sell on my etsy shop.

And there it was.....

another distraction to keep from finishing projects I already have and at the same time inspiring me to get started on a new one.

A vintage globe.....
yes, a vintage globe that Worker Bee* can not get his hands on.  
I have plans for it.  

Hmmmm.....what to do......what to do......
 Chalk paint?


Adding some words?
(all images found via Pinterest)

Don't worry Mr. Globe.  You are in good hands.
(cue the maniacal laugh - ba ha ha ha ha)

If you're looking for an art project at home like this one, try looking for arts and crafts materials here.

(trying something new here with ads - let me know what you think)

*Worker Bee is a globe collector.  You can click here to see his collection.


  1. I didn't realize there were so many ways to jazz up a globe! Please share with us what you do!!


  2. Such a good idea. I had one and didn't really want to use it to teach with because of how old it was (wrong info);P, this could have been perfect. Of course, my children already destroyed it :D.

  3. All look like really good ideas! I too had not thoght far enough outside the box for ways decorate a globe. Looking forward to the finished project

  4. Have fun with that awesome find! The possibilites are endless.

  5. I sure can relate by having no time for all ideas I have !!! I love this one and may have to add it to the list! lol

  6. Oh I love that chalkboard one. Just don't let him see it until the deed is done. I hear you on the projects. I need to finish up my daughter's room and just get in there. Life keeps getting in the way.

  7. Ha! I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  8. I think the globe has come to live the right place. The chalkboard paint is a great idea. Cannot wait to see the room done.

  9. Cool ideas! I understand about the projects! I am learning to quilt and now have myself in not one but TWO quilt classes! But I have a little grandson coming so I want to make a baby quilt, and I wanted to take a basic quilitng class. Sigh...I'm sure you understand!

  10. So glad you stopped by! Lots of fun things going on over here. Have a wonderful day today!

  11. Love those ideas for your globe. I don't which one I would choose, they are all way cool. Problem is ~ will you be able to sell it afterwards?

  12. Thanks for sharing those globes. I never thought of painting a globe or writing words on it. How cool! Please show us what you end up doing.

  13. Just love Pinterest. Such wonderful ideas to be found there. We use to have a globe, but for the life of me I don't recall what happened to it?????
    Susanne :)

  14. Love all the ideas. My favorites are the chalkboard paint and the lettering. You've got a difficult choice in front of you!

  15. Can't wait to see Mr. Globes makeover. I did kind of a map theme in hubby's office. Thought it would be fun to collect globes for him. After two he said, "o.k. that's enough". Darn, doesn't he know, the more the merrier? lol! You trained Mr. Bee right.

  16. Love globes. I have three but can't find it in myself to do anything to them, but sure would love to see what you do...P.S Thanks for the sweet comment left for me, it meant a lot! I too think it would be cool to be friends living near eachother...I think we would get along quite well. I think of you every time I use my teired plates you gave me. If your ever in the neighborhood of SanDiego/ or Orange County before we me....we will have to have tea. Hugs and many thanks again for being so sweet!

  17. Oh wow... I would have never thought of any of those awesome ideas. I cant wait to see what you do.


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