Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Baby Bee's Disappointment

Today the results of the tryouts were posted at school.

Out of all the girls who tried out for the school basketball team, Baby Bee's name was not on the list.

Baby Bee hasn't played basketball until this year.  She practiced hard and listened to everything her coach said.  Her dad (Worker Bee) has worked with her on learning to be aggressive and pursue the ball.  She also joined the city rec league basketball program.  (Where she's made 2 baskets in her games!)  And I've seen tremendous improvement in her playing.
That's Baby Bee playing in the white jersey!

But sadly, it wasn't to be(e).  She didn't make the cut.


Baby Bee has not given up.  After all, she is a Bee.  

She has decided to write a note to her coach asking her what she can work on for next year to help her be successful.  She still loves basketball and vows to keep practicing and practicing and getting better and better.  

I love my Baby Bee - or - I should probably call her my Young Lady Bee!  
My, she is growing up!


  1. Aww, tell her not to give up, she'll make it next year..:)

  2. Yes, never give up. Always keep trying. :)

  3. Aww, poor Baby Bee, but I have to say she certainly has the right attitude & that's something to be very proud of!

  4. At least it isn't getting her down when she still wants to improve. Way to go Baby Bee!

  5. So sad... sorry. We call it one of those character builders, however, doesn't always help the hurt. Writing the letter..will speak volumes. I think she needs a giant ice cream from Superior (just sayin)

  6. Aw, my heart aches for her! She'll come back next year like gangbusters!

  7. I'm so proud of her! And you, too - glad you're not the kind of mom that yells at the coach to make your daughter play. She'll learn (and play) better from this growing pain.

    Hey, Sweet Bee, we're swap partners for the dotty swap - I'm so excited!


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