Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Friend, the Fabulous Phyllis

I have mentioned my dear friend, Fabulous Phyllis a few times here.  I've mentioned before that she owned the most delightful shop, Sawdust & Stitches.  Well,  you might have noticed I used the past tense----- owned ----- and sadly the economy has taken its toll on her wonderful shop and she had to close her doors in December.

Well one of the things I love about Fabulous Phyllis is that she doesn't give up.  Yes, it was very, very hard for her to close her doors, but she has chosen to follow her bliss.  And her bliss is finding sad outdated furniture and transforming it with paint and embellishments.  She has a wonderful eye.  

Luckily we have this wonderful consignment store in town and she has rented a space out of High Street Boutique!  
She's already sold so much, her space looks empty!

Let me show you a few things she has set up!  Can you believe it?  She's already sold a ton of stuff out of her new booth!  She's got to restock!!!
I LOVE this vintage enamel table.  Sadly, I just don't have a single spot in my house to put it!

And since I was there I thought I'd show you a few vignettes set up around the store too.....
Cute little cabinet!  They've done a great job mixing all the aqua, teal, and turquoise in the shop.

These are probably from all different sellers, but they've put this together quite nicely.

This cute metal cabinet looks so cute in the window with the old window above it.  My picture doesn't do it justice.

Drooling over this stove too!

This display is tablescape ready! 

This booth owner repurposes and designs furniture, quite a bit of it from Mexico.  Don't you love these colors?

The owner, Carolyn and her daughters do a wonderful job setting up charming displays.  

And these are a couple of my personal favorites!

Thank you for coming by!  
I'll be sure to show you more as Fabulous Phyllis continues to follow her bliss.  
Oh!  You can also check out her etsy shop.  She sews too! 


  1. Wish I lived closer to you hun; I'd have to buy that enamel table and love, love, love the stove..glad your friend is keeping busy.

    Hugs, Shar

  2. I absolutely love stores like that. We have one here in my town. The hubby and I would love to rent a space, but they are so darn expensive. :)

  3. What a great table AND space! I'm getting cold feet about renting a space at our mall because the rent is so high. i think it would be so fun to decorate a booth, though! ♥

  4. I love shops like that!!! Great job to phyliss for not giving up her dream. Renting that space is a blessing.
    Happy sunday

  5. Oh her space is darling and I can see I would love it and would be very tempted with all those cute things. Sadly the economy has made a lot of my favorite places to close too.

  6. O please tell me where I can find this fabulous Phyllis. Her things are sooooo cute. Where is the consigment store? So very sad about her closing her shop, but happy that she is keeping her dream and passion alive.

  7. Sadly, the poor economy has claimed many small businesses. Kudos to Phyllis for not giving up and simply finding a new avenue to fulfill her dreams.

  8. There are a lot of drool worthy items in this post. I would love to get my mitts on one of those old enamel topped tables.

  9. It would so fun to meet up one day. The town of Selma is so fun. What is the name of the consignment store? I am so going to go. The enamel table is screaming my name. The lemon bars went away too quickly.. I wonder where?

  10. Thanks for sharing with us all! It's wonderful that she could find an alternative way to keep selling her treasures! And that little enamel table? Well I have one that sits in my breakfast room off the kitchen.... we use it as our computer work space... it even has "real" pink chippy paint!

    I'm off to check out Phyllis's etsy shop...

  11. It would appear that when one door closes another one opens. So sorry to hear about your friend. I am sure she was sad to close her shop but so thankful to be able to sell her lovely things at the other place. We had a sweet little shop called the "Queen Bee" not far from here. It was jam packed full of the cutest things, a lot of hand-made items by the owner herself. She closed her door about 3 years ago, and now her sweet little building is gone to ruin. It had shaker shingle exterior and the atmosphere of primitive mixed with antiques. I loved it and it made me sick to see she closed, so I know how you feel about your friend's store. It is just too sad.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  12. Sweet! Well I am Phyllis too...with a blog about some bliss and I have a flea market booth. I hope she does well!


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