Monday, January 23, 2012

Sympathize With Me Please - I Put Something I Adore on Etsy

Well, it happened.  

I put one of my favorite hidden away pieces up on etsy.  

It's something I bought from the Old Painted Cottage on ebay several years ago.  Got into a bidding war over it and I won.

But then it came to live with us here at Sweet Bee Cottage and it just never quite fit in.  (Not the message, mind you, the message still rings true for our house.)  
I tried it in our bedroom - just didn't go.
Put it in the guest room/studio and it was too much.

Tried the living room, and it's just not my style.

I even tried the go. (Or no va in Spanish - I love that story about trying to sell the Chevy Nova in Mexico, but it means "no go."  There I go again digressing all over the place.)

But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, 
still love it.

However, should I keep it stashed in my closet when someone else would actually display and not just hoard it?  
Is it good enough to just know I have it, but it never sees the light of day?
Would that be - gulp - hoarding?

So, you see, I'm really doing it for the good of the print.  And for someone else's house.

It's okay.  
You can call me noble. 

So have you ever parted with something you really love, but it just doesn't fit in?  
Were you sorry?

Will I be sorry?
Thanks for coming by!


  1. You won't be sorry, it has been a blessing to you, to the person before you and to the next person too. The message is what matters :)
    I feel your pain

  2. The message is what you love.........that will always be in your heart.

  3. I think you are doing a great thing. Having grown up in a house with a grandmother who hoarded everything (this is not an exaggeration), I know you won't be sorry. :)

  4. You might keep it a while longer...just until you can let it go with no regrets. It's not as if you have a deadline.:)

  5. Maybe save it for Baby Bee? Maybe give it some more thought. I think you love the sentiment of it and the message. The people who buys it will love it and enjoy it as much as you or they would not have purchased it, (if that helps any) Blessings.

  6. I love those vintage old roses. Reminds me of my granma's house.

  7. The past year I parted with so much stuff because I just didn't feel I had the room or the need for it any longer....while I love that sweet cottage look...I am more of a prim.. country,I said goodbye to so much sweet...cute cottagey things. I love your print and I can see why you feel the pull to keep it but, truly someone out there needs that message hanging on their a reminder to walk in his steps each sweet a message to keep hid away :) Blessings

  8. It is lovely. I would let it go to someone else though if it didn't fit. I'm doing that a lot lately!

  9. In honesty, I don't think you'll miss it.
    It's hard to let things go, but usually once out of site, out of mind.
    And just think of the enjoyment someone else will have with it!

  10. I have mixed emotions. I get very attached to things like that, yet I am in the process of cleaning out and eliminating excess. So, oh boy, I don't know what to say. I would probably hang on to it until I really felt no pain . . . but that's just me!

  11. Have you thought if a different frame would work for it?

  12. Hmmmm I say... hold on to it a little longer... Look one more time in your home and if you still can't find a home for it... Let it go.... :(


  13. You did love this piece at one time. But somewhere along the way your home outgrew it. Your style changed and it just doesn't work anymore. It's time to let it go. Set it free to live with someone who will put it in a place of honor in their home.

  14. It'd beautiful! I would have a hard time putting that on etsy myself :)Wish I had extra funds to purchase it.

    Have a great evening!


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