Monday, April 8, 2013

Estate Sale Finds for Etsy and Something Just for Me

I went to an estate sale this weekend.  I love this particular estate sale company because on the second day everything is half price!  

Look at what I found for you!  

Look at all those Shiny Brites!  All those wonderfully vintage glass ornaments!  Love the original price tags too.  Now one day I'm just going to have to find some of those pokey inny ones.  

Like these –
I didn't find this time but one day......

And there were also some great vintage non-Shiny Brites. See the cute little ones?

And then I found this pair of cute canisters.  

Condition is NOT excellent, but how can you resist that chicken wire?
I think these would be so adorable on a potting bench.  Cute, hunh?

Made in the USA of course!

 And then I found this cute teddy bear jar.

 I've never seen one like it before.  It had a KRAFT lid.  Do any of you remember jars like these from when you were a kid?

 Now this would be so charming in a child's room.
And I found a twin to one of my favorite milk glass pieces. 
It's serving bowl size.

 And I found all these sweet little jello molds. 

I haven't counted all of them, but there are a ton of hearts.

And then I found something for me!
 Do you know what this is?
 I do!  
I've often wanted one, but have never wanted to pay the price for a set like this.
I particularly loved that this piece was made in California.  
All three pieces are marked.

I searched a bit on etsy and ebay and google for similar sets and couldn't find any.  

Do you know what it is?
Now I'm going to have to have a little party to celebrate finding one of these.
Will you come?

Thanks for buzzing in! 


  1. Okay, I'm stumped! What IS it?

  2. What time should I be there? What wonderful finds!! Love the canisters! chris

  3. Such sweet finds!! The canisters are so cute!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  4. Lovin' that piece of milk glass! I have a smaller footed one but haven't seen the bigger serving bowl size:@)

  5. Very nice finds!! We used to put change in the glass peanut butter jars!

  6. Hmmm can't really help you out with what that is... I love California Pottery and own a few piece myself!

    You really scored some good stuff... I'm waiting patiently for our garage/tag/estate sale season to start!


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  8. it is a berry basket! would your pefer a little cream or sugar with your berries...?!

  9. Hmmmm, maybe you set a teapot in the middle and use it as a tray? Or baked goods in the middle? You really found lots of treasures! Lucky you!

  10. Let me know when you list your jello molds and vintage ornaments in your ETSY shop. Thanks and blessings Lois

  11. Since Central Cali has the best Strawberries (I might be a little biased) you needed the serving dish.
    Chris =]


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