Sunday, April 14, 2013

What Are You Buzzing About?

Wanna' see what I'm currently buzzing about?

I was poking around the internet and I landed on the J C Penney website.  I've been reading about them in the news lately.
  (I have to say, I'm kind of sad they fired their CEO because I was loving where Penney's was going with their new offerings - so fresh and bright and stylish and fun - and I loved the fair price deal, but apparently I might have been the only person in the country who felt that way.) 

Well, not only have I read about their CEO, but I also read that they were at last going to be able to sell the Martha Stewart line they had developed.  Now who doesn't love Martha?  I know I love her style.

There is a Martha Decor line, a Martha Create line, and the one I'm the most excited about.....Martha Celebrate!  It's filled with beautifully designed party supplies - paper plates, napkins, balloons, invitations, candy, and more.  And, of course, they come in the most gorgeous colors!



Apple Green

Plus yellow, red, black, and pink!

I'm not sure if it is in the stores yet, but you can see it all for yourself by going to Martha Celebrations!

Thanks for buzzing along with me!


  1. Martha always knows what we like. I guess we'll be having sales and coupons at JCP again soon.

  2. Love this Martha line of party goods! Love the colors! chris

  3. I sort of liked the's the thrill of the hunt I guess! And I've always loved Penney's. I find great curtains there and I even love their clothes. It's nice that Martha is going to be introducing some new things, I bet there will be a lot of cute summer celebration goodies!


  4. I haven't been to Penney's lately but I will have to check out Martha's new lines. Hope our local store has them in stock! Love those pretty straws!

  5. Our Penney's is very small and doesn't carry much of anything, even with the changes... but the one my daughter shops at in the Seattle area is amazing! I'm with you about the direction the company is/was going... I really like the pricing and the clothes were getting to be pretty good buys! I was excited to see that Martha was teaming up with them but then I heard that Macy's wasn't ready to share her... hmmm. Personally, I think Martha's great enough to share, don't you?



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