Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's Never Too Late for an Easter Post, Right?

Life.  It sure does get in the way of blogging!  I sure am looking forward to summer break so I can hang out here more.  Ahhh well.  

Thought you might enjoy seeing my tables from our Easter celebration.  (And do please appreciate them because Worker Bee hand washed all those dishes and glassware and flatware himself.  See, they were all a bit dusty from being in storage.)

Not much was blooming in the garden yet, but the azaleas were so we clipped a few branches of them and I also picked some lavender and put it in one of my favorite milk glass vases for a center piece.  I had these cute little egg picks I think I picked up from the dollar store and I just popped those in too.  
I set this table with my Easter plates.  We usually have our family Easter at our house.  And one year Target had beautiful pastel sets of dishes.  So I bought a set of 4 light green plates, 4 pink plates, and 4 blue plates (I didn't use the blue ones this year).  I use them every Easter.
I didn't have a tablecloth big enough for this table, however I did have this nice length of springy colorful fabric.  So with no time to sew (and I don't sew very well) I just ironed over the selvage edges and – don't be horrified please – I left the raw edges on the end.  I love how it looked with the dishes, although I will confess I probably should have ironed the middle of the fabric better.  It was one of those, "That's good enough" moments.
 I used my everyday stainless flatware and some lovely wine glasses I bought a while back at Home Goods.  (Speaking of Home Goods, we now have TWO to choose from in the big city!  Isn't that exciting!  Went there during spring break but didn't find a thing I couldn't live without.  I'm sure I will find something next time.)
You can see the sun shining brightly outside.  We frequently set everything up outside, but we had the biggest lightning and thunderstorm the night before so everything was wet and soggy so all was inside. Which brings me to our next table.

We set this one up in our library.  But since our library is really not very big and you have to walk through it to get to the sunroom, we waited and sat this one up at the last minute.
I used some lovely Wedgwood plates I picked up at the thrift store for $0.75 each.  (I know this because the price was still written on the back of some of them.)  The pattern is called Hedge Rose.  

I used this cute bunny and cart as a centerpiece on this table.  
Want to hear the back story on that?  Worker Bee and I got married in 1990 (our 23rd anniversary is tomorrow) and that was a wedding gift. It was filled with dried flowers and I loved it, back then.  Well tastes change and dried flowers get yucky, but I couldn't quite let it go so I added to our Easter decorations and I always fill him with pretty little eggs.  And now – you know the rest of the story.
(If you look closely you can see a bit of my new rug.  I LOVE it!)
The flatware was this wonderful silver plate (you can read about that here) that has turned into a fun find.
The stemware were from TAG a few years ago.  I love TAG but their items are so expensive.  Luckily I got these on clearance.
I also had to use my ginormous red chalkboard too!  
Don't look too closely because I think I drew the purple draping backwards, but you won't tell on me will you?

He is risen, He is risen indeed.

And I would like to thank you for buzzing along with me. I appreciate you taking time from your day to come by for a visit.


  1. What lovely tables! And isn't it so much fun to have the family together? Love your pastel plates!!! chris

  2. Your table is so pretty Miss Bee! The dishes are just perfect for Easter and spring! And the bunny centerpiece is darling!

    Happy Anniversary! :)


  3. I enjoyed seeing all of your tablesettings and decorations for Easter. Love those egg plates! I suppose you've been on spring break this week which is just enough of a break to make you yearn for summer!

  4. I have the same Wedgewood...yard sale! I'm on break, too. Your tables look so colorful. I like the pastel plates! Have a great week!

  5. That fabric s/b the cloth for your Easter dishes. Looks perfect.

  6. Both your tables looked fabulous! And I'm all about the wrinkles when it comes to table linens... and raw edges? Well for my Easter table I made my own napkins by tearing fabric into squares and left the edges raw... so I'm on board with that too!


  7. Your Easter table is so cute. HE is risen, INDEED.


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