Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to School - Vintage Style

Well, many of you know my other job is being a third grade teacher.  Okay, that's the main job.  Well besides being a wife and mother.  Anyway, I digress.

Although it is always tough to say good-bye to summer (do you hear that Central California weather - we are saying good-bye to summer - time for these 100º temps to make like autumn and leave) and the free time, I do enjoy some structure returning to our little cottage.

I've slowly been collecting some vintage school items to pull together some fun Back to School vignettes.  I also pull out some teacher gifts students have given me over the years.  (Whew!  I haven't quite been teaching 20 years so none of those items are considered vintage.......yet.)

Do you wanna' see?
 My apothecary jars are filled with a wooden bead garland with school items, glittered faux apples, and chalk!  

You've Got Mail is one of my favorite movies!  I love how the little book shop was always so festively decorated and one of my favorite lines is about bouquets of pencils in September.  So, I made a bouquet of pencils!

I just haven't been able to get rid of some of this country style decor from the mid-1990s when I first started teaching.

 One of my favorite finds ever (and it gets to live out year 'round) is this plaid lunch box.  Well, maybe it was used for something else, but I call it a lunch box. 
 One of my sixth graders gave me this sweet little apple tin several years ago.
 And another one of my favorite finds is this spelling aid.  I bet when I come back tomorrow it will say something else.
I even have some Back to School pillows for our chair in the library 
This one is from Deb at  

Plus I just grabbed up these items from Amy's pop-up vintage shop.  Have you ever visited?  She finds the most amazing things and her prices are fantastic!
 They aren't here yet, but they will look so cute with it.
If you haven't before, go check out Four Sisters in a Cottage to see what she has!  Amy is an absolute sweetie!

So, even though I don't always enjoy the start of school, it is nice to celebrate those annual transitions.  What do you do for Back to School?  



  1. Your school stuff is totally cute!!!! I love it all. I bet the kids feel homie while there because you gave it a special, welcoming, and warming touch. Nice vignettes and that apple gift from the 6th grader sure is sweet. I love it all!!!!! Ps. Thanks for popping over.... And the sweet comments you have left me on my posts!!!! I'm sorry I have not been commenting... I've been in and out... I will try to be a better blight friend. Hugs!!!

  2. what beautiful treasures to have espically the ones from your past dee x

  3. Love your Back to School vignettes! Went to visit Four Sisters in a Cottage - what fun! Ordered a couple of books & said I'd come from your blog.
    Have a wonderful school year!

  4. It is all so cute. The BIG CHIEF writing tablet, I think I had one of those, I must be vintage :)
    Blessings to you.

  5. What I do to celebrate Back to School is pour a second cup of coffee and watch the yellow buses pass by the house! Hehe! I just couldn't resist! Before you know it, the chalk will a vintage item!

  6. All of your vignettes are adorable! I especially the chalk! Hope your year is a good one, filled with good boys and girls who want to learn:)


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