Monday, September 2, 2013

Tragedy for the County Fair

Well.....I might be exaggerating a bit.  It might not have been a tragedy but it surely did not keep my busy buzzing going.

The More Creative Bee and I met up to finalize our plans for the Big County Fair this weekend and while we were in the big city we decided to go to an estate sale.  Lots and lots of great junk treasures, but it was so stinkin' hot in the house and in the yard I wasn't super thorough (plus we had other things on our mind). 
Fun finds:  USA glass, very bright vintage tablecloth, small ironstone platter, milk glass  bowl, cute metal Christmas rocking horse, and more!

But while I was at that estate sale I found these great glasses to go with my navy and orange and rustic bridal shower table.

Four of them.  $1 each.  I knew I could swing that price.  No problem.  MCBee agree that these were a definite buy.  

So I paid for them and my other junk treasures, carried them carefully to the car, and wrapped them in some blankets I keep in the car for just such finds. 

I know.  You can see where this is going.  And no, it's not going to be pretty.

When I got home I remembered that I needed to carefully unwrap these glasses before I carried them in.  I didn't want them to slip out of anything.

So - do any of you want 3 matching glasses?

Oh well, I'll find something else, but drat!
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  1. :;( o so sad. The color is perfect. Use them as vases and put some cute orange flowers with some babiesbreath for filler in them or usethem as candy dishes fill them with orange candies. You find just the cutest things. I have never been to an estate sale, I must start looking.

  2. Oh, a broken item of the week!

  3. Oh, no! Even three will work nicely with your color scheme though.
    I'm lovin all those seet find-especially the darling pony.

  4. I'm sorry! :(
    Does it help to know that it happens to all of us?

  5. Ack! I hate when that happens! You are a clever'll improvise something!
    Great tablecloth!

  6. Oh no! That's a tragedy in my book when you find the perfect thing and then....

  7. I think we all have done something like before! Love the other finds!!

  8. Whoopsie-Daisy! Well, you'll think of something perfect, I just know it!

  9. I have that sweet little metal rocking horse too! Garage sale find for 1.00, he was a planter from one of the major flower companies years ago...mine still has the plastic insert....I am sorry about the glass, put one away for emergencies ( like breaking another glass) and use the two with two other different one to give your table a great look!

  10. Oh that's a shame! Sorry for ya :( At least they were cheap! Take care - Dawn

  11. Oh no!
    And they were so lovely! You could use them for something crafty- 3 is a good number too:)

  12. Darling rocking horse and pretty tablecloth! Sorry for the glass breaking! Have a great weekend! xo Heather


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